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Homeowner grabs shotgun, confronts thief (VIDEO)

I don't know if any of you saw this...PERFECT for any gun control 'friends' you may have. A couple was robbed more than once, bought a shotgun and caught the theif trying to make off with their big screen tv. Home security cameras caught a GREAT video of it. Check it out - not all of CNNs coverage sucks as bad as Piers.


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Add this story too... another

Add this story too... another great pro gun self defense ..


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Great story!

Just goes to show you that law abiding gun owners are responsible. Stop with the gun control moves, Uncle Sambo. You just don't want us to pin you down when you continue to steal from the citizens.

This reminds me of a story

This reminds me of a story back when I lived in Spokane, WA in which some guy tried to break into my friend's sister's car outside their house. It was pouring down rain and their dad came out with his shotgun and made the guy lie down face first in the wet street for 10 min while the cops showed up.

Remember, Homeland Security starts at home...

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nice work homeowner!

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