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Seattle Restaurant Refuses to Serve TSA Workers

A restaurant in Seattle has made a powerful statement by refusing to serve TSA agents until the invasive pat downs stop.

Excellent, and I hope only the beginning of a growing pushback against these goons...


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Really liked the woman on the right's start

"The TSA servants, I mean workers, ..."

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
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Seriously. Those women are a

Seriously. Those women are a disgrace to the United State's populace. They sicken me. Late 1930s, early '40s usurped Germany strikes again.

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Too bad the restaurant isn't

Too bad the restaurant isn't in the airport


That is wonderful!

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In my department, There is a lady who works Part-Time for TSA

I told her she can grope me anytime...lol..


Good for them, why should those who subvert our rights be served? This is a good example of people individually taking their rights back. Why should those who work to take our rights away, get away with it? Keep it up, fight back anyway you can, these subverters need to be aware, they aren't welcome in a constitutional republic.

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Nice Find

I lived in Seattle/Tacoma area for a while. The TSA at SeaTac airport always seemed especially pushy to me. They are nicer at DTW in Detroit. At least in my experience.

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Is there any way

To find out the name of this place so we can all tell them "Good Job Guys!"