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Did Jay Leno Just Mention Daily Paul? (update)

New alternate title: Is DP member chris hittin' the crack pipe?

Did anyone else hear what I just heard?

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I'm going to throw in my two cents...

...and say that it's perfectly alright for Michael N. to respectfully refuse to answer that query. (Hopefully with you feeling no "diss" on your comment.)

I'm kinda one of those guys

I'm kinda one of those guys who is an open book and I don't really care what you know about me... like I have been arrested 3 times for PI, and I, I dunno... I wouldn't mind telling you how good of a deal I got on a house or something. I realize others aren't like that but sometimes I forget myself and assume others are like me. I don't mean anything by it I just get curious and assume others are like myself sometimes. Then I have to hold back and be like "Oh I'm sorry, not trying to get personal" You know.

That brings up a story I was told today.

Guy says he's watching this video of a cashier who was checking everyone's ID who was using cash... as a spoof. A few people were like "really?" and she was like "Yeah I need to see some ID."

So they are like "Okay" and begrudgingly handing it over. So then finally after a lot of people went by this one guy finally had the correct answer.

"What are you CRAZY? I paid CASH?"

I was like wowwww they still have a long way to go out there...

Oh, upon reading your post

Oh, upon reading your post again that's pretty crazy and funny. I am pretty sure I would tell them no, if I was paying attention. But do we really pay attention all the time? I know I am not slow to give my ID. But then again I usually get asked for ID for cigs or alcohol.

Yeah that's different though.

Yeah that's different though. I mean when it comes to showing my ID I only like it because I look like I'm 25 not 37. But, whatever, I don't mind telling people my stories. I am who I am. I'm not perfect, never claimed to be. Sure, I've gotten drunk before, who hasn't. It just depends on where you are at and what the circumstances are. Unfortunately, I've had 3 unfortunate circumstances... although I the last one was dismissed because it was bogus.

Did the people in line behind him

yell at him to hurry up and just get his darn I.D. out?

Jen had known associations with pandas in college.

Vote for Sue. It's the right thing to do.

and thanks for bringing that

and thanks for bringing that up. I thought about including that but it was after I wrote it. I realize that might be a bit personal.

Nope, I was thinking the same

Nope, I was thinking the same thing. I should have put that in there. Of course he should feel free to not answer it. I was just curious. I mean, I know even if he is living just off this site hes not making lots of money. I just know it is a lot of work and i wonder how hard it is to do such a thing. I support him and this site either way. I'm donating either way. I just wondered how tough it was.

s'all good...

...and it can't be easy, probably quite difficult in many ways. Thus I really DO hope he makes a pretty comfortable living "wage" from this world-changing (we can hope) venture.

Yup, so do I. I want him to

Yup, so do I. I want him to succeed. I would be very happy if this was all he did. It would show that our movement is great and he is doing something good. What I'm saying is... I'd rather he was doing this full time than anything else : ) but if not I'm sure it would be very tough. I've run websites before and it's not easy even with low traffic.

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Hey, that was an interesting conversation

Yes, this is my main gig. And every time things get dicey, I start thinking of my backup plan and then I have a money bomb. I have a real estate license that I got last summer for the eventual day.

I'd like to keep this growing. Money bombs is not the way, I know that. Advertising revenue seems to be the model, but you have to get agressive with popups, popunders, weird scam ads, etc. I really don't want to do that.

No, running this thing is not easy. I don't think I could do it if I had a real full time job...

How do we make liberty popular?

The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance. - Alan Watts

Dunno if this was posted before or after my comment

but instead of advertising products and services... we could be advertising the news. Then if folks on satellite websites want to have some advertising that's of course up to them too.

I think new forms of spreading news need to be found. New models that separate advertising from the media. That keeps the press free and independent.

Eventually your arm has to get twisted by your advertisers... or you can choose to go out of business.

This brings up something I

This brings up something I have also thought about. So as long as my cookies aren't deleted I see lots of things I look up on Amazon. Should I click the link and order from that to get you more revenue? Because I will certainly do that if that's the case.

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Actually not

That is a Google/Amazon thing they've got going. They're cutting me out of the loop on that, lol. Fuckers.

I've seen the same thing happen to me: I look something up, on Amazon, or even some random e-commerce site. And then I buy it. And then, these Google ads start chasing me all over the web, not knowing that I've already bought. LOL! This seems like a new revenue stream for Amazon: What customers have bought.

Uggh. How else does Amazon keep its prices so low? Is there an information component going along? Of course there is. Amazon is something of a social network, with all the reviews.

But anyway. The way the DP gets credit is if you click on the Amazon Link in the blue Menu Bar above, or -- hey, you're right - I should make it easier. I'm going to do that tomorrow.

Thank you for asking. Jesus. That is what your user name reminds me of. A Jumping Jesus

The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance. - Alan Watts

Just watched that video.

Jumpin' Jesus on a pogo-stick!

Don't see the fnords...

Don't see the fnords.

Don't see the fnords.

Don't see the s.

Jen had known associations with pandas in college.

Vote for Sue. It's the right thing to do.

LOL, well glad I could help.

LOL, well glad I could help. Yeah, if I see things I have been looking up and planning on buying that are on your adds on this site I'll definitely click and buy from here. Also, I'm not sure how proficient you are with iphone or droid programming but shit, make a DailyPaul app. Even if you have to get someone to help you program it and give them half the profits. Add a few extras to the app that you can't get on the site. Like perhaps some sort of poll type thing or whatever. I'd pay a buck for a DailyPaul app as I'm sure many of us would. That could get you tons of money. And i mean tons. Just think if only half the people that come here every day or ome of those that came once a month bought a $1 app. It could be significant. So, expand and do what you have to do, Bro. I'm behind you 100%.

Thanks for the reply, Mike.

Thanks for the reply, Mike. Yeah, I know it must be hard. I'm gonna put some money into the pot as soon as I get money myself. I appreciate all you do. I'd rather you do this full time... and don't worry this site isn't going anywhere any time soon. Of course you'd probably know that better than myself. The money bomb is a good thing. The add revenue should be for your income but if you need to upgrade then you need to upgrade. We can ll pitch in and make that happen.


It was a quick segment "what's on their front page?"

They showed 3 people's computer screens. On one he said Daily Paul and then the showed George Bush's page which people laughed at.

Jen had known associations with pandas in college.

Vote for Sue. It's the right thing to do.

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I'd love to see it. Is Leno's show on the NBC site somewhere? It is incredible what you can watch on the internet for free now.

I finally finished watching NBC's "Revolution." It is corny, but it is also good. The issues it brings up are real, even if the action is campy, like a cult horror flick.

I still like it.

The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance. - Alan Watts



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are you doing up at this hour? You're not usually on the night shift. (neither am I for that matter)
I have a late night confession. I've been watching it too.. Thanks for turning me onto it. Even though it;s a bit corny and somewhat unbelievable at times, it does force the viewers to think of certain scenarios where self sustainability, community, and trust are important.
It has a few other interesting dynamics.
I never thought I would get into a TV drama series. Waiting to see what the resurrected helicopter is going to do in the next season. I just hope it's not some sort of preconditioning.

Hope all is well.

gnite...eh.. morning..

Psh, didn't you know he's a

Psh, didn't you know he's a raging club kid? He's only on here from 3am to 5am after he's hit the clubs and started grinding his teeth waiting for his acid trip to subside.

What do you think you heard?

What do you think you heard?

"Where liberty is, there is my country." -Benjamin Franklin

I dunno, if I watched Gay

I dunno, if I watched Gay Leno I'm not sure I'd admit to it. Find a video.

I guess some people didn't

I guess some people didn't get the memo from 1985 that gay isn't referring to homosexual in that context. But it's ok.