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IRS: No Refunds Until Feb. 20 For Some 1040 Filers (update)

What a blanking scam.

For the second year in a row the IRS is delaying the filing date for tax refund or payment filings, as well as the length of time allowed for refund payments.

The first day that 1040 forms will be accepted is January 30, up from Jan 15 in 2012. Processing will take between 8 and 21 days, meaning that some refunds may not be available until Feb 20.

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We will be getting back a

We will be getting back a whopping $12 this year. I wonder if I can wait until Feb. 20th, it's already burning a hole in my pocket.

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What is the point in electronic filing?

The whole e-file your tax return is to get a quick refund isn't it?

I prefer to just mail the damn papers into the IRS and let them earn there money looking at the hard copies.

I hope that one day we will

I hope that one day we will have 10 ot 20 million Americans all decide together to give the IRS the middle finger and not file.

Good news - No delays anticipated in tax collection.

Payments were accepted starting January 1st no problem.

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And we can be darn sure they

And we can be darn sure they won't extend the April 15th file and pay date for those who supposedly owe money.

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain

raise the debt ceiling....

...or else....we hold these "refunds" hostage!

how many Americans have been enslaved, dependent upon the old "tax refund"....especially the $2,000-$4,000 the Earned Income Credit brings!

Been there during my unemployment, under-employment years!!!

This will be like waiting for Congress to approve unemployment extensions....the poor are really gonna be up in arms, and the state run media will have the political rhetoric and "fighting" at a fever pitch....WATCH and see....

Maybe they'll 'allow' an exception for people getting the refund

...through a car dealership for one of those 'Refund as a down payment' deals...

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