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I listen to Alex daily, I found this video that is curious about him, what do you think?

I thought it was interesting, especially since some were calling him a shill because of the Peirs Morgan show interview. All we have to do as freedom fighters is just be aware. We can't be sheep even in our own movement. Is he a shill? I don't know, but as I said I do listen to him daily but we all have to keep in mind, just to be aware, because we don't want to be fooled either. Alex has great info on his show. I will continue to listen to him, but will be observant of anymore peculiar activity. I posted this to see what you all think?


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Like I've said before. Like

Like I've said before. Like him or dislike him he gets peoples attention. Like the Piers Morgan rant or on this thread. (-:

“It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds”
-Sam Adams

great write-up

By now many people have probably heard about or have seen the on air confrontation between CNN talk show host Piers Morgan and radio host Alex Jones. The discussion between Morgan and Jones if you even want to call it that largely consisted of Jones behaving like a loud mouthed monkey as they debated the different sides of the gun control issue. This bizarre incident like other media spectacles that Jones has been involved in seems to be nothing more than another staged event to further the personality cult of Alex “Jim” Jones and to boost Morgan’s pitiful television ratings. Unfortunately, there are many people who still believe that Jones is an honest man promoting freedom and fighting corruption when past history clearly shows us that this is not the case.
Simply put, Jones is a creation of the corporate controlled media. The reach of his Austin Texas media platform has only been made possible due to the fact that over the past decade he has been promoted by the likes of big name media outlets such as Fox News, CNN, ABC and countless other radio and television platforms. Without the support of these big media platforms, there is no way this man would be in the position that he enjoys today.
For the past few years his web sites have been regularly linked to by Matt Drudge’s web site the Drudge Report which reaches millions of people on a daily basis. Drudge’s connections to the media establishment are well documented which is not surprising considering Drudge is Jewish just like the people who run the vast majority of these big media enterprises. Jones has even been a regular guest on Coast to Coast AM a nightly syndicated radio broadcast for over the past decade.

full article

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Fear mongering

imo I dont listen to Alex nor do I think he works for the guberment. I know fear mongering when I see it. Alex is a radio host, and in the industry all the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts.

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

I don't like some of the

I don't like some of the things I saw him do like tank Medina. Still, he stands on the right side of many issues and I respect him for that.

Medina tanked herself...

Alex only gave up on her when she turned against her support base. She wasn't ready-for-prime-time. Ron Paul handled the exact same confrontation with skill and grace and came out unscathed without attacking truthers.

Blame Beck. Not Alex. Alex practically launched her as a viable candidate and she had no bigger cheerleader than Alex...

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I am not entirely on anyone's side.

I am not entirely on anyone's side,

As no one is entirely on my side.

All men shall prove to be who they shall prove to be.

Hell is knocking on Deaths door and discovering that you were not the man you said you were.

~Gerald Celente

Free includes debt-free!

He hurts the liberty movement

I don't understand why people listen to him. He only hurts the liberty movement. Has anyone ever heard the nonsense he was spewing during the Y2K scare? If not, check it out: http://youtu.be/7WkGyAqVmCk

How can anyone trust someone

How can anyone trust someone who brazenly lied about what happened on that day?

I have just one question about Alex Jones

Why do people like Brietbart, Bill Cooper, Aaron Schwartz and others die suddenly, while AJ carries on?

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Bill Cooper was an idiot, sick of people promoting him

His claim to fame was FREAKIN government ALIENS.

Then he wrote another book saying he didn't think there really was aliens after he was somewhat famous.

You might as well be asking why 'Bob' in the trailer park died.

It doesn't matter why AJ isn't dead. Its about resonance. If what he said didn't resonate then he would just be a conspiracy Rush Limbaugh.

It's like Rand Paul. He says some stuff I agree with, but a lot of his neocon tactics and war talk pisses me off and I don't agree. Right now Rand is mostly on my 'don't trust' side and I don't think he can win me over. That's his issue.

There's no cult of personality here.

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Dead martyrs...

never die.

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that video has been around. And it shows Alex being an arrogant jerk- not some kind of controlled opposition shill. I dont know how that rally went down. But Alex definately called his audience to rally. How do we know these jokers didnt just show up early to address Alex's crowd? If it was a rally you promoted, wouldnt you be a little peeved if other groups showed up and took it over?

There are plenty of videos out there that put Alex in questionable light. I wont defend the times he looks immature or just like an ahole, but it requires the whole back story to know who was in the wrong.

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Nothing in this video

Nothing in this video suggests to me that he is a shill. I don't understand what they are trying to point out with these clips. We all know he's an angry dude. But what else?

"I listen to AJ everyday [lol] Here's something years OLD"

Sorry this already came on the Daily Paul when it happened and in the full video Alex apologized live but the subversive elements refused to let it go.

The people who ran that bullhorn ARE anti-RON PAUL and were attacking RON as they had in the past. Alex Jones was invited personally by the protest organizer and had the guy on the show the next day saying AJ and him were cool. The old woman, can't remember her name, is the real turncoat.

AJ said that when you go to a protest everyone should have bullhorns and be targeting the people in the buildings otherwise you are just having an outdoor PTA meeting.

If Alex is a shill it's because in this day it's impossible to get significant reach without making some kind of deals with networks. Still when you look at what he says, he's been overall consistent but the guy is running a RADIO SHOW and he IS an entertainer and he will tell you that. He gets fired up because it gets people excited and wanting to tune in.

The people it turns off mostly listen to NPR or MSNBC and subscribe to being coddled by a world government and their daddy Obama.

Rush Limbaugh rants and raves, yelling about stupid stuff like welfare moms and sports teams and nobody says a thing. He has the biggest radio show, with about 14 million listeners.

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yes and

there was an issue with bush and company getting a permit for the protest and jones saying that that is a slave mentality and we don't need permits to protest. so he went down there pissed off about that and also didn't like the spotlight not being fully on him as new activist emerged in austin.

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is not a good dose of Alex Jones or anyone for that matter. There are plenty out there bringing the truth. Alex Needs to raise the bar regardless of cointellpro or not. He's starting to become more mainstream... meaning he won't touch divisive issues if there are shreds of doubt around it. He's totally backed up at least that some terrorist group did Sandy Hook - I've not seen evidence - to date - that ANYONE was killed and what is especially strange is the local hospital set up triage and nobody showed up. COME ON...???

Feel free to correct me on my facts... didn't specifically source the hospital thing.

Alex did the only reasonable

Alex did the only reasonable thing, there is no evidence or reason to believe the deaths were faked, and you don't spew misinformation if you do not have all the facts. He just didn't want to talk about it because he didn't have all the facts. He plainly said, it's quite possible it IS a conspiracy. But that is not the kind of thing you make allegations of, unless you know for damn sure what you are talking about.

There are plenty of other questions that need to be asked. That one, at this point in the process, is not one of the important questions to ask, and I think the way he handles the issue is perfectly understandable.

Alex Jones on Israel

This is all I ever need to know about Alex Jones:


This is unfounded, actually.

Jones goes into detail about Israel bombing the USS Liberty in one of his movies and also about Zionists exterminating non-white Jews. I also randomly came across him interviewing David Icke, and the whole conversation was about Zionists being kooks and Jones didn't try to silence Icke or change the subject.

Not defending Jones, necessarily, and I appreciate this Dawson guy's analysis, but if we're going to be completely fair I don't think this take on Jones is accurate.

You have to consider that Jones would alienate a lot of potential converts by naming Zionists, or Jesuits, or whoever someone might see as the Ultimate Enemy....It'd be very bad business and very bad strategy if the goal is to convince as many people as possible that there is some kind of conspiracy afoot.

Spot on...


~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

Alienate which converts?

The man's success is due largely because of exposing conspiracies. And you're worried of him alienating people by talking about Israel? That doesn't make any sense. Is it because he's featured on drudge now, so he feels he needs to appeal to the average Limbaugh listener? Still doesn't make sense because he still goes off on 9/11. Alex has let his thoughts be known on this issue. He thinks Ahmadinejad is a madman and thinks Israel has a right to a land which they invaded with the help of Mommy USA and Europe.

Yeah, and 99.5% of everyone

Yeah, and 99.5% of everyone else thinks so too. Get over it, you're a one-issue voter. You could care less about people being raped, bombed, tortured and killed. As long as Israel doesn't get a fraction of a penny out of your paycheck.

I am opposed to all foreign aid and the state of Israel is illegitimate, but there are things called "priorities" and "picking your battles" and if you don't get them straight you won't ever see the world get any better in any way whatsoever.

You don't know me regarding issues. So blow it out your ass.

Alex isn't a politician and goes off on 9/11 and other conspiracies. There is no such thing as "priorities" with Alex.

But all you care about is one

But all you care about is one issue. That's "all you need to know". So if that's true, and not a lie, then I don't need to know you regarding issues for everything I said to be accurate.

Lots of hostile folks today.


how Ry doesn't show or play clips of Alex longer than just a very few seconds. The reason he is doing that is because Ry can't make his point while at the same time giving fair due diligence to the context of what Alex is saying.

I am staunchly anti-zionist and have been listening to Alex regularly since 1999. I can tell you honestly and confidently that Ry is INTENTIONALLY taking Alex out of context. Alex has discussed his position on Israel and zionism many many many times over the years. I almost know his stance by heart.

Ry is being DECEPTIVE. And that is a shame because I agree with many of Ry's expressed opinions on the Palestinians and zionism in general.

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

You're being an apologetic for Jones. Watch the whole thing.

"I've been listening to Alex regularly since 1999."

Alex goes off on globalism yet he himself supports colonialism. Imperialism, Globalism and Colonialism are all interconnected. Anyone who has said what Alex did regarding Israel is worth not one iota of my time. Israel is Europe's millionth arm extended to the middle east where they don't fucking belong. To claim that it is THEIR land is outrageous.

But Israel is certainly not the only extension of Europe. However, the most modern examples are the most offensive because they occurred at a time when the world was so called "civilized" and show pure hypocrisy from Europe and America at a time of war when empire building was considered 'evil'. That modern example is Israel.

You're being apologetic for Ry.

I've watched hours and hours and hours of Ry over the years. I have been perusing his website for years. I know who he is and what his themes are.

I mostly like what he does. He is a bit too scowling and cynical and myopic for me.

Ry hates Israel, Neocons and all religions and all religious people. Seemingly in that order. Personally, I have huge problems with zionism and neocons. As far as religious and non-religious, I see about the same percentage of good and bad in both groups.

I know about Ry....

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Jones Theories

The three possibilities I've come up with are:

1) Jones is a maniac, but he is sincere, and anything suspicious can be chalked up to the fact that he needs to put on a show so he can keep listeners and make money.

2) Jones is a double agent, positioning himself to lead the movement into violent revolt and get everyone killed off or imprisoned.

3) Jones is a figment of Bill Hicks' imagination, and anything suspicious is just Bill making the Jones character do what the Jones character would do in the situations that arise.

This video is old news.

And both he and catherine bleish can take a hike.

If you cannot see through either one of them then your discernment and knowledge of history
is lacking.

a jones is controlled op and c bleish is right out of the saul alinsky 'rules for radicals' playbook.

and what i am writing is not about p morgan. he is just the latest example of the obnoxious, egomaniac who is a jones.

and as for ron going on his show. sure he does. he is about getting out the message - always has been - and a jones has a large audience.

Ron Paul is My President

My opinion is there is way

My opinion is there is way too much damn infighting in this movement as it is. I love alex but I disagree with him on forced labeling of gmos, border security, deporting morgan for speech, etc. Lets build coalition not just red or blue jerseys. Dare I say I disagree with Ron Paul on some things?

One world, under government, with power and money for the elite