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Ron Paul on Walton and Johnson: They'll Come With Their Guns to Take Our Guns

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I didn't hear him say

"They'll Come With Their Guns to Take Our Guns" as it implies in the title...

Can anyone point me to that timeline?

He says it at 9:00

He says it at 9:00


Shared on Twitter.

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
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So few men can tell such

So few men can tell such depressing truths while still leaving people with such hope. I think that's why he has such a loyal and devoted group of followers. Even when the news around seems so bad, his tone is always directing people to hope and action in common cause. Thanks for sharing this!

The Man

It was good to hear the Dr. on this interview. As usual I learned something. I can't wait to see what the future holds with Dr. Paul leading the charge on his greatest issue, civil libertys. It all begins there

dave anderson

Ron Paul is going to lead the Restoration like a gentleman.

He's always like "Yeah we'll that is alarming... and it is disturbing... but all I can do is try to wake people up to the issues we face and that's how I've always seemed to have been able to maneuver my way through the minefield of politics..."

Can't get personal with anyone. Keep it on the issues.

Art of War.

Why is this not on the front page?

It's a Ron Paul interview, a great one, and it's not on the front page? I'm surprised.

He's always so, like "Yup, I

He's always so, like "Yup, I said what's right.. all is good." Damn, I love that man.

SteveMT's picture

Great to hear this Ron Paul interview.

The truth is here.

I'm glad

I'm glad I found it. :)


forgot to bump you. :) BUMP!


Thanks for always giving me bumps.


"Thanks for always giving me bumps"

I know a Doctor who might be able to help out with that...

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It's the good Doctor here that gave me the bumps, goose bumps. :)

great Ron Paul interview!

great Ron Paul interview!

I agree

Ron Paul always does great interviews, despite who is interviewing him. :)