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New Mexico Republican Liberty Caucus endorses Mark Willis for RNC Chairman!

Release Date: 01/17/2013
Contact: Charles Mellon, Vice-Chairman (505) 867-1712

Resolution of The Republican Liberty Caucus of New Mexico (2013-1)

Whereas the current Chairman of the Republican National Committee Reince Priebus is running for reelection, and

Whereas Mark Willis of Maine has declared his intention to contest Mr. Priebus, and

Whereas Mr. Priebus, in his role as chair, failed to follow the rules of the RNC at the National Convention in Tampa, and

Whereas Mr. Priebus allowed, under his chairmanship, such violations as decertification of legally elected delegates, failure to allow points of order, favoring one declared candidate over another declared candidate, ignoring the will of the delegates as demonstrated in voice votes,

Be it therefore resolved that the RLCNM demands that Mr. Priebus resign and not run for reelection, and that if Mr. Priebus does run for reelection that the RLCNM endorses his opponent Mark Willis.

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