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Demand Collapsing - Annual Gasoline Usage In Millions Of Barrels

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The US is pumping more Oil

now than it ever has and the demand for oil is decreasing. SOOO why is the price at the pump still so high? inflation? Bernanke are you seeing this?


It will be tougher to justify gouging of the public by these corporate raiders. They have a monopoly anyway thanks to government politicians.


I rode bike to school and

I rode bike to school and work for two years while I was in college not too long ago. Glad to see I'm not the only one reducing my gasoline usage, its amazing how if everyone just changes a little it makes a huge difference.

I imagine that this is caused by a combination...

of unemployment and trying to maintain the price of gasoline above the market price. Higher prices doesn't necessarily equal higher profits. For instance, they could try charging $100/gallon, but people would start riding bikes, walking, or taking public transit. Gas profits would plunge.


many companies allow working from home to save money on office space and other things.

It looks like we're in

the 'undulating plateau', the prediction for the top of the bell curve of global daily production. Production declines (or is unable to meet rising demand), causing prices to rise. Rise in prices reduces demand. Prices fall. Demand recovers and hits the limit again. Prices rise. Etc., etc...


I saw a joke article in my

I saw a joke article in my daily rag (houston chronicle) that said consumers were relieved by falling fuel and food prices. I thought to myself, "Jesus, what inter-planetary grocery store are these 'consumers' shopping at?"

Gas is going up, Food is going up faster, and our daily fish wrap had the nerve to say prices are falling.

Southern Agrarian

Only stands to reason...

People without jobs stay home more...

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!