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The Dollar Vigilante Blog: The T D V 2013 Year Ahead

Editor's Note: The following post is by TDV Editor-in-Chief, Jeff Berwick

In the December issue of TDV we took a brief look back at 2012. What a year. From the NDAA, to SOPA (which was defeated by one man in particular, anarchist, Aaron Swartz, who killed himself last week after being hounded by the US government and being extorted with threats of a million dollars and 30 years in a cage) to claims by media propaganda mouthpiece, Paul Krugman, of the US needing to fake an alien attack to get the economy on track. And then, in an encore, recently, coming up with a plan, Robert Mugabe style, to coin a platinum coin with a $1 trillion value to help pay off the US government debt… it was, and continues to be, a year of absolute insanity.

This is how systems fail. Especially, violent, thieving systems that are based on confidence.

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