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I got this from Oath keepers this morning...

In this dark hour, when liberty is under such relentless assault, it is necessary for you to steel yourselves, and arm yourselves, spiritually, mentally, and physically. And above all, it is a time to set aside fear, and to reject despair and to embrace our place in history. We were born as Americans, at this time, for a reason, and it was not to cower in fear or to dissolve into a gelatinous mass of despair. We were born free men and women, and we will die free men and women. No one gets out of here alive anyway, and in the end, all that matters is that our children and grand-children are free. Everything else is a side-show.


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Christmas Story

Not to put words in Fishy's mouth, but here's my take...
In A Christmas Story, Ralphie gets his Little Orphan Annie Decoder... and quickly becomes disillusioned when he realizes that the Secret Code is nothing but a commercial.

It's sorta like that...

Not mine, but I like them.

Yeah, I am pretty much not impressed with Oathkeepers any more.
I actually was one for a while. In 2007, no one had heard of them and they let anybody in. I worked a couple gun shows promoting them, and when actual soldiers and cops started to join, I left. I always felt like a fraud, but I wanted to help promote the organization. As the years went by, I watched the numbers swell, and yet nothing effective ever happened.
Perhaps I am too old. I remember when women and children were protected, when that was considered how honorable men behaved. Now I have men basically telling me I am on my own, I need to learn to shoot to kill. That is the only task a person who loves liberty needs to be able to perform? I spend my days miles from anyone else. When they come for me, there will be no one around to defend me. I know damn well that if my name comes up on the kill list, it will be a "two hit" fight. They hit me, I hit the floor.
I have to defend my property from predators. I had to fire a rifle to scare off a cougar. It took me about ten minutes to find it, call my husband and have him remind me how to load it, and the one shot I fired knocked me on my butt. I am not a soldier. I am tired of being told that all these "oathkeeping soldiers" are going to "refuse orders." That does not do jack shit for me. There are PLENTY of mercenaries who will be happy to do as they are told. And frankly, I do not believe them. When the order comes down, they will be standing in a group of armed men ready to carryout the order. If that is when they decide to refuse, they will be shot first or put in prison. I will be left to defend myself the way Vicki Weaver was, and I expect to be as effective in fighting back as she was.
It is not a lack of willingness to fight, it is an acceptance of who and what I am. I did not join an "army" I am not qualified. All the liberty-lovin' fervor in the world does not change the reality that I will die in a gun battle, any gun battle. And it may not be fair, but it is my early childhood brainwashing at work... I still consider it a man's job to defend the women and children. Having the men tell me to get a gun and defend myself.... There was a word we used to use for men like that when I was a kid.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

My wife...

My wife needs to be able to protect herself and our sons until they are able... I can not be there to do it 24-7.
Unfortunately, she, like you, WILL probably be on her own if and when the home needs to be defended.

A 5.56 (or. 223) is more than enough gun for cougars, coyotes, fox and ne'erdowell.
Very light recoil.

The goal, when the predators come en masse, isn't only to survive... a second-fiddle for me would be to kill as many predators as possible, so my neighbors have just a little less to deal with.

The Bible calls Liberty "the perfect Law". Defense of Liberty is godly work.

thank you

I'll look into that. Wish I had been raised around them, I just wasn't and I have never been comfortable with them.
And my camping motto is always to leave the place a little cleaner than I found it...

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

i have a feeling that song is

i have a feeling that song is going to suck, and so i'm not listening to it. i made a point a long time ago when you try to combine art with a political cause, and it mostly fails. An artist can have many bad songs, but there are still a couple that you like. I found that there are very few freedom songs with a political agenda that are worthy. most of these freedom songs suck, and music suffers.


Jordan Page...

Arm yourself!