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A favor to ask all you fine DP souls!

Hi everyone,

I have a favor to ask my fellow DP members!

I am the Team Leader of Team 2E16, and we have been chosen as one of 26 finalists in the New Zealand Finals of the 2013 Microsoft Imagine Cup. It's a software development competition for students.
We are developing a new type of social network that is based around bringing people together in person, rather than going with the current trend of people congregating online only (and arguably pushing local communities further apart).

(As an aside, as the designer, I will be aiming to avoid data on members being stored centrally and rather leaving it to members to store on encrypted cloud storage. Some of the code may be made open-source to enable trust to be built up).

The favor I have to ask, is that we are doing some basic market research via a short (8-questions) survey, and we need a diverse population of people, who vary widely in their thinking! Sounds like the DP to me!

If you are happy to answer the survey for me, please use the link below, and it will make our day!


Thank you in advance!

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