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Update from Alaska sham against incoming Chairman elect and Vice chair elect

Looks like Millett is accused of bring 700 new people into the party?

Vice Chair House burnt down, missing paperwork...duh

here is the link, meeting extended to Feb. 1st


If a moderator wants to add this update to my post from yesterday

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by wmtopel | January 18, 2013 - 2:22am

Mr. Medred:

You need to get some of your alleged article facts straight or get someone to proofread your spelling before being published.. In your paragraph that begins, "Outside the building, picketers protected Ruedrich,...", there was no one "protecting" Ruedrich. I was there. They were all PROTESTING Ruedrich & in support of Russ Millette & Debbie Brown. Thank you.

V: Nice catch!

Thanks for the Update

Alaska is my adopted state for sure. I live in Texas can not stand the cold. Looks like the Ron Paul Repubs are winning there otherwise they would never have posponed the meeting. These NEOCON NWO trash are cowards and do their dirt behind closed doors like most evil you ever encounter they can not stand to be put into the light. Keep the light on them show up again next time and fight them again. Truth is they are weak and you are about to win.


Wow sounds awful. I feel

Wow sounds awful. I feel fortunate to be in a pro-liberty county.

Southern Agrarian


old guard, article said e everyone was over 60 at meeting, but last year at state convention was at least have under 40