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RFID Chips in Firearms

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Being awakened by an intruder, finding your gun. You put on your magic RFID ring and oops the Chinese manufactured chip doesn't work. The burglar sees you aim at him and fires at you. Better hope you also have that antique revolver as plan B.

Sweet. Now when I buy guns,

Sweet. Now when I buy guns, I'll get some free RFID tags that I can pull out and use on some of my other projects...

This is all sorts of stupid -

This is all sorts of stupid - the RFID they showed off wouldn't fire with the RFID being as little as 8-12 inches from the gun. What happens if you are right handed with the RFID pass on the right hand. You are injured to where you can't put your right arm up, your legally owned gun is a worthless projectile at that point. You would literally have to have a transponder on your strong hand and support hand, multiplied by every person in the house.

Of course you have other issues like younger children not being able to use your gun should you get incapacitated.

All sorts of stupid!

Nobody mentions enforcing existing laws.

This is beginning to sound like more corporate scheming to force new "technology" on us. Same with the liability insurance in Mass. and the mental health programs in the EO's.
Stupid concepts that will do nothing to reduce crime, but will place additional burdens on law abiding, probably productive, tax paying Americans.
Money for the RFID tech sector, insurance, and pharma...
All corporate profit schemes paid for by the federal gov't.
I imagine a room full of CEO's sitting around a table brainstorming how they can profit off of the millions of firearms in the country and which of our "representative government" will require insider trading options to facilitate the deal.
Except, I'm sure it's more likely that they delegate the actual brainstorming, then show up with neatly compiled reports at whatever summit meeting...

At first thought, this

At first thought, this doesn't sound that bad, it could prevent a thief from using your gun, but what happens when the battery dies in your gun? And what if they steal your gun, what's to stop them from ripping the guts out and disabling the lock?

Similar to the video game

Similar to the video game I started recently, Metal Gear Solid 4. Breif paraphrased summary: Not too distant future, people had government nano-bots that monitored and modified everything about them; heartrate, temperature, what hormones are being made, etc. It was designed to help soldiers on the battlefield. If someone is not connected to the network, they are unable use guns or keep up with others. When the bad guy gets control it's bad news!

Theres a lot more to it, its a pretty deep story. Great game series.

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LOL! Thanks for the heads up.

Yeah, in Hell I'll have a remote disable feature on my defense weapon!

What's next? Harkonnen-style heart plugs with remote disable?!

Government bastards would LOOOOVE that!

What would the Founders do?

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+1 bump...

for the reference to Dune.

Ron Paul is the Kwisatz Haderach!

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Indeed! LOL!

Or as close as ever was....

Older, wiser KH to be sure!

(If only he could crush the unjust with his voice alone....)

What would the Founders do?