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Ok so someone smarter than me explain: Is the economy going to collapse because of gold (or lack thereof)?




I just read these articles and wanted your opinion. As you all know (probably better than I), Germany wants some of their gold back from the Fed and all of it back from France.

"they will repatriate 674 metric tons of their total 3,391 metric ton gold reserves from vaults in Paris and New York to restore public confidence in the safety of Germany’s gold reserves."

The US and France both say "we can only give you a little at a time over the next 7 years"

To me, this means they simply don't have it. So where is it? And the stuff they do have, is it real bars or filled with tungsten? If more countries get nervous, will there be a run on the Fed? And when the fed stands there with it's pockets turned inside out, is WWIII inevitable?

I also hear that the US has pledged to help France with a al-Qaida problem in Mali(Africa). Did you know Mali is the third largest gold producer in Africa? So tell me, is al-Qaida our only interest in Mali?


Is it the lack of gold in the Federal Reserve going to be what causes world wide collapse? And just who are the thieves who pocketed all that gold? They need to go through Nuremburg like trials. And so this is why they won't allow a full audit at the federal reserve?

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Petro Dollar

You hit the mark. The dollar is backed by oil established by agreements made with the Saudis in 1974 after Nixon took the USD off the gold standard. As long as barrels of oil are traded in USD on the Oil Bourse (trading desk) then the dollar will be propped up.

Note: the Iranian Bourse does not accept dollars... they value oil with the average of a basket of currencies including the Euro and the Rial. Hmmmm, wonder why we want to bomb them...

But the Germans and Swiss and Venezuelans, etc... don't have the same luxury. Gold absolutely backs the value of the Euro, Swiss Franc, Venezuelan Bolivar, Australian Dollar, Yen, Ruble... And the US knows that gold is more stable than oil. We keep it as a secondary line of defense for the USD.

"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo

Gadhaffi's 320 tons of gold...

plus the tons of gold that were stored under the Trade Towers, the gold that used to reside in Fort Knox, Germany's gold...I have done a reasonable job of connecting dots over the years...if I was a gambler, I'd say it's all in Tel Aviv.

Silence isn't always golden....sometimes it's yellow.

"The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them." - Patrick Henry

That's retarded.

You'd stick hundreds or thousands of tons of gold in the middle of the middle East surrounded by crazies (of all stripes and creeds), subject to possibly nuclar attack from neighbors or overrun by neighbors.

Not. Not even "they" would do that.

It's in "deep storage". See above.

You can not eat Gold (or Silver).

It is better than FRNs but it will not feed you in a depression when the government is more concerned with confiscating gold than guns.

You had better be a fully diversified prepper, with some live stock, a big garden.

I am not telling anyone to get rid of gold, but if you have to get rid of your gold now in order to pay off your mortgage then that is a good plan.

There will come a time (like under FDR) where you will not be able to pay your mortgage by selling your gold without risking confiscation of both your gold and your realestate.

If you can not pay off your mortgage then you might want to consider having some FRNs around to make payments for an extended period.


hedge lots of risks

You provide good guidance in event of deflation which is still very possible.

Food and junk silver works well in both hyper-inflation and deflation.

What you are seeing with

What you are seeing with Germany asking for their gold back is a misdirection. It reminds me of when Reagan said, "Mr. Gorbechav tear down this wall." What most people don't know is that the US acquired intelligence stating that the USSR was going to be getting rid of the Berlin wall. So, to not let an opportunity go to waste, Reagan hopped on a plane and went to Germany, and before the USSR could announce that they were going to be destroying the wall, Reagan made that statement. Afterwards when the USSR destroyed the Berlin wall, it would be seen as though Reagan and the US were the reason behind it. This was obviously global political theater on Reagan's part, however, most people don't know it.

The collapse will be happening between 2015 and 2020, the stage is being set to blame Germany for it because they wanted their gold back -operative word being, 'Their'. This will be played by the Keynseians as a slight against using Gold for any type of monetary stabilization, meaning: that they will want gold and other precious metals to no longer have any place in finance at all. None of this will matter, because they(the forces of government) will be pushing most if not all of the countries together. We see that the EU is trying to legally breakdown the independence of the different countries, to make them all one Nation; similar to the US being many different countries now is only one country.

While some may think that this is being lead by Germany, this is being headed by the EU. Germany, due to the EU, has become more dependent on the other EU countries then it should and it is positioning Germany to collapse because of it. While China looks to be a major player in global affairs, the problem with China is they are entirely dependent on exportation just like Germany. If all of the countries which import from China, are no longer able to do so, then China will not be standing very long either.

This truly is the 11th hour, it is a march towards global socialist government, and it appears that most people don't even realize what is going on; and some which are awake aren't looking deep enough to see the absolute truth.

Any operation has several different layers of information of possible truths to prevent the real truth from being easily exposed. For example, most Americans think we attacked Iraq for one of three reasons: because they helped Al Quaida, or because of WMD's, or the story which, however, catches most truth seekers is the Petro-Dollar. We attacked Iraq because Iraq was no longer trading in US dollars; and supposed truth seekers propagate this with all of their hearts.

The only problem is that Iraq quite using the US dollar in 2002 because we were bombing and sactioning them to death -they had no other alternative. So, if Iraq didn't stop using the dollar until 11 years after we were bombing and sanctioning them, then does it really make sense that we attacked them for not using the US dollar? For one, we were bombing them way before they quit using the dollar, and two, by limiting (and monitoring) the flow of US dollars into and out of a country is how we sanction them. Therefore, the only way a country -which was being sanctioned by the US- could survive -while being dependent on imports- would be to trade with other countries using something other than US dollars.

So if the Iraq war wasn't about the Petro-dollar than what was it about, you may ask. Iraq was one of the few countries that didn't have a central bank connected to the central banking cartel. Now, while it is okay to use the 'Petro-dollar' because it is controlled by the central banking cabal, the problem arises when the central banking cabal see a potential oppertunity to become a global socialist government, then they need for the wealthiest countries in the world to independently be connected to the global central banking cabal. For in the aftermath, of a global crisis, there cannot be any alternative to the central banking cabal's system; and a wealthy country with oil, gold, or silver, or even lithium will be able to start an alternative to the central banking cabal and therefore, possibly at least, prevent the central banking cabal from creating the global socialist government.

As far as who is behind it, the most prominent name would be Rothschild. Now, I know everbody is going to say conspiracy theorist, but seriously; in 1812 when Mayer Amschel Rothschild died the family trust had accumulated half of the entire worlds wealth. I seriously doubt that they went bankrupt. They would have invested in companies as well as governments; they created the European central banks and it is rumored that through JP Morgan they hold a large share of the Federal Reserve. JP Morgan, in an op-ed peice in the NY Times in 1953 said that his wealth was actually an account from the Rothschilds for him to use as they told him, and that he had no wealth of his own.

Bottom line, socio-economic collapse between 2015 and 2020, global socialist government will result, total human enslavement whilst most wouldn't even notice and would actually be appreciative for the global socialist government enslavement. Oh, a total gun ban in the US by 2014 or 2015; with the possible delay if they feel they can safely predict the collapse date to be after 2015. I, however, do no think they will delay the gun ban, nor do I think they will have to. I think pretty much most guns will be banned this year, and the rest will be banned by extension of what happens this year.

I do not see a major uprising of the US population, I do see, however, a major underground market for guns, ammo, and clips; as seen in other countries such as UK, Australia and such where there are strick gun laws.

Millions will starve to death, because our agricultural infastructure is geared towards centralized planning of agriculture. Why do you think some of the wealthiest people are going around buying farmland and starting their own private organic farms and ranches? This certainly isn't to profit from the farm subsidy.

Well, even when the US was in

Well, even when the US was in a gold standard, everyone knew that the federal reserve didn't have the gold to pay off its money in circulation...I am sure this was the same for other reserve banks.

Even before the federal reserve, banks fractioned their money quite readily. I am sure people knew that banks only had 10-25% of the promised gold on-hand, but the system appeared to work.

Plan for eliminating the national debt in 10-20 years:

Overview: http://rolexian.wordpress.com/2010/09/12/my-plan-for-reducin...

Specific cuts; defense spending: http://rolexian.wordpress.com/2011/01/03/more-detailed-look-a

You ask a foolish question. And I am a fool for answering.

Gold is an element. It is inanimate. Gold does not collapse economies.

If your economy collapses, it is your darn fault!

My economy does not collapse. I buy, trade or ask for what I need. I sell, trade, gift or toss what I don't.

Your other concerns are addressed in my prior correspondence with others frequenting our DailyPaul Inn. Please see my posts linked at the bottom of each postcard I send.

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

Great Topic

I don't understand this enough to be able to explain it to others, so thanks for posting, looking forward to the discussion.

To your "where is the gold" question (I don't have an answer, just another question):

Has the gold been released into the market to suppress the price?

another question I'd like peoples thoughts on:

When I look at the world power structure it seems to me that Germany, France, and the US are all under the same umbrella of the world bankers, so...
-does this mean that the world bankers are losing control as people realize this monetary system is collapsing and are starting to turn on each other to make sure they have a chair when the music stops???
-do the world bankers have a plan, and is this somehow part of it?

the US and France figure that

it will take a little over 6 years to destroy MALI, then a little more time to mint the gold that they are going to steal from Mali into the bars they will need to fulfill Germany's request.

Not having the gold is what will cause the collapse in my opinion. As much as Bennie doesn't want gold to be money, it is and ever shall be until and unless the Earth's population is decimated by about 92%.

Keynesian Fiat money is on the verge of losing the faith of people using it in the belief it's actually worth something. People are waking up, slowly but surely.

France demanded their gold in the 1930's

In that first article I posted, they mention how France was blamed for the depression because of demanding their gold in 1930.

So I mean, if the inability to produce gold when it was asked for caused the depression in 1930's, why wouldn't the same dynamic exist today? Doesn't Germany asking for their gold back show a lack of confidence in the Fed. And the Fed not being able to show or especially produce the gold confirm that there is a big problem. Thus doesn't this mean that the cliff is at our toe tips?

All I see, is we are in enormous trouble!

I think you are right on target

I think a collapse of the Fiat, globally, is coming and it is coming by way of repatriation of gold. The Fed is near Dead. Germany, in my opinion, is the smartest fiscal body as a country in the world, but they are letting China better them over and over again right now. How smart of them to start looking to separate themselves from the fiscal failure of the Fed.

I agree, we are in enormous trouble. The kind of fiscal problems we are having are the precursor to major war. But will the Rothchilds fund all sides of war this time in the multi dimensional fiscal dilemma as they did in WW2? Will they try to disarm Amercians first so the next "Japanese" feel better about invading us? Probably so.

I could go on and on and on about all the details surrounding what their plans could be for this next one. This time they will have to go to plan X, diversions aren't going to work for much longer.

it's not the gold

although a gold standard restricting the amount of fiat paper could prevent it.

the problem is that central banks are printing so much fiat paper so fast that they are outpacing the amount of goods and services that exist.

A collapse happens when the faith in the value of fiat paper is no longer there, and those that produce goods and serivces want something else other than fiat paper for their products. When the people's entire monetary strength is locked into this fiat paper via governemnt edict their world collapses too.

Think about it this way: How much would diamonds be worth if they suddendly started washing up on beaches in the millions?
What would happen to the diamond industry? It would collapse.

A good article

What would it do to the price of gold today if they had to replace what they've looted?


"Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."
Mark Twain

An excerpt

The fact that they (Fed) are not sending the gold back right away, to me is just a clear sign the German gold is being held hostage. It’s potentially a powder keg here in terms of how the gold market is positioned at the moment because there is so much paper (claims on gold) out there, relative to so little physical, that a lot of paper gold is going to be defaulted upon.

"Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."
Mark Twain


I couldn't add anymore than that.