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Obama's inauguration on Monday and the utter hypocrisy of his Corporatist Neocon agenda

When Barack Obama swears on the Bible and takes the oath he will be the ultimate hypocrite.

Thou shalt not murder

Obama is indiscriminately murdering women and children in Pakistan with double tap drone strikes and in Yemen by cluster bombing villages.
He is now going to war in Mali and Africa.
As a result he is recruiting far more Islamic Extremists than he is killing throughout the Middle East.

As a result he is converting secular Middle Eastern Muslim states into more Islamic Extremist ones - as has already happened under his watch in Libya and Egypt.

There will be more conflict and war and murder and mayhem in the world as a direct result of Barack Obama's foreign policy.

Thou shalt not steal

Obama is openly allowing Wall St and large Corporations to steal the wealth of middle class Americans.
He has openly declared, with the HSBC money laundering case amongst others, that the executives of big banks are now above the law and will not be prosecuted whatever crimes they choose to commit.

Obama insisted that ALL of the $1tn+ of annual Corporate Welfare be retained in the Fiscal Cliff deal.
In order to help pay for all this Corporate Pork, Barack Obama got a huge $200bn annual tax hike on the middle class and the poor - thus stealing their money.

Thou shalt not bear false witness

When Barack Obama takes the oath to "preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States"
the exact opposite will be the case.
He has already demonstrated that he wants to shred the Constitution in it's entirety and has nothing but contempt for it.

The Utter Hypocrisy of Barack Obama

Barack Obama will be the biggest hypocrite on the planet when he takes the oath on Monday.
He will protect and defend the bankers and the large Corporations, he will continue to destroy the Constitution in his second term, as he did in his first.

America's true enemies do not reside thousands of miles away in Afghanistan or Iran or Pakistan or Mali.

They reside right here at home, in the White House, on Capitol Hill and on Wall Street.

America will continue to get weaker, the poor will continue to get poorer and a select few of the top 0.1% will continue to get richer as a direct result of Barack Obama's policies and utter hypocrisy.


The Rule of Law no longer applies in America

Barack Obama's civil rights abuses and the destruction of the Constitution

NDAA is NOT an anti terrorism measure it is a measure to quell domestic dissent by Americans against their own government.

America's economic decline

Ordinary Americans have been thrown off the economic cliff in the fiscal cliff deal

A financial analysis of the fiscal cliff deal - Barack Obama's Corporate sell out

The case against Barack Obama - the genius of the United States is dying

The loss of American Hegemony comes closer under Barack Obama

America's relative decline is accelerating under Barack Obama.
America's share of global GDP is down to 21.5% at the end of 2011 from 26.7% in 2009.
A HUGE reduction.
Asia/Oceania has already overtaken North America as the largest economic area.
China centered, South East Asia, is set to get ever stronger, while America is set to grow ever weaker.

The loss of American hegemony comes ever closer under Barack Obama and his Corporatist neocon agenda.


Barack Obama has complained about British colonialism in Kenya.
So why is he now supporting the French in their neo colonial war in Mali for their Gold and Uranium resources?
Further evidence, as if more were needed, of Barack Obama's utter hypocrisy.

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