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Do You Know Any of These People in the World? Are YOU One of Them?

People and the way they think and behave are the cause of all the problems on this beautiful planet Earth. Some people stay stuck at a certain level and do not mature beyond it. Unfortunately these are the ones that seek power and control in the world, those functioning at this low level of being. Although they will not recognize their low level and actually think themselves superior in the world; they are NOT. We are given free choice to evolve beyond each level, to strive to be better. Would love to see your opinions on these ideas.

We are energy beings. When your energy is focused at the heart level and above, you have entered the realm of being a spiritual human. The heart is the energy of unconditional love. Here is a picture. http://celestial-alchemy.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/chak... All energy levels must be balanced in the spiritual being, but some humans cannot get above the three lower levels and are stuck at the human-animal level where they can be worse than any animal in desires and behavior if unbalanced and perverted in their energy.

Ego-Animal-Human – in Darkness

Predator, over energized lower chakras, stuck in the animal-human phase of evolution seeking power over others, control of others, ego driven, greedy, seeking wealth, driven to acquire possessions, pursuing increasing sensory experiences out of boredom, often seeking perverted experiences such as child sex parties and other heinous acts because of being stuck at the ego- animal-human level. Wants to rule the world with all others providing for his/her needs.

The Helpless - in a Grey Zone

People living in fear, some under energized chakras, using addictions, food, alcohol, drugs, and sex, to escape the fear. Living in a cocoon of helplessness, looking outside ones self for help from the medical-pharmo system, psychiatrists, church, for someone to make it all right for you and take care of the mess you feel you are in. Always in drama. Always in trouble. Want to be looked after and thus easily exploited politically with promises of being looked after by government.

The Average Guy/Gal – Conscientious Worker – Asleep, Small Glimmer of Light

Just wants a nice life with his family and friends, probably functioning at the heart level, slaves away for life at the job paying his taxes and interest on debt so he can own his house and car and the interest on his debts keep the predators wealthy, caught in the trap of providing endlessly to keep the world-as-it-is going, cherishes the holidays with his family. Nice people but still slaves to the system and unknowingly in service to the power hungry greedy wealth seeking predators. A guy/gal has to earn a living. Gets news and entertainment from the media and tv. Believes the media-hype. Does not question.

Spiritual Human – Awake

Looks within for the answer, has gone above the heart level in energy awareness, fearless, living by the highest principles of honesty, compassion, courage, a sovereign being capable of unconditional love living by the highest human ideals, evolved beyond the EGO-human-animal stage of being, having become a spiritual-human. Lives simply with only the necessary possessions, seeks the larger picture in all that is happening in the world and the universe, and all creation. Works at a job, but may be known for his radical ideas and broader perspective. A system buster, and non-conformist who lives by his own truth. Says it like it is.
Example- Ron Paul and we all know many others.

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I am every single one of

I am every single one of those things, smothered with some penut butter and jelly on a sandwich.

We are all that. :)

at different times.

Kinda sorta

I don't disagree with what you wrote but I see its limitations most probably because you thought this all out. The function of the mind is to separate and categorize and by doing so it makes judgements according to one's personality; the mind is incapable of comprehending anything outside the known sphere.

As I read your post I thought of the Ramayana, which I read a long time ago (so long ago I had to look up the name of one of its characters!).

The demon in the story is Ravana. All Ravana could think of was how he was going to kill Rama - the 'god' of the story. Ravana had no other thought. Rama, Rama, Rama reverberated in his mind incessently. So, although everything this guy did was 'negative', your 'lower chackras' category, when Rama killed him, Ravana attained instant realization and merged with God - Ravana had fought valiently in battle and kept his mind on God. Ravana wasn't 'stuck' anywhere - he had his role to play and did so to perfection.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

Thank you for the valid story.

True, we are all playing a part, some more consciously than others. Also true the end of the journey is a return to God. And there is so much more.

Good times.

You know what's great?

Every comment in this thread is upvoted (or neutral at least), on and by both sides.

I don't really believe in any of the chakra stuff, but MAN do I love a nice civil conversation wherein every participant takes a moment to appreciate the view of every other.

Good times, that.


Good times.

Good post. I agree with those

Good post.

I agree with those who suggest that your energy levels represent the lifetime growth of healthy humans. For me, reaching your fourth level began when my first parent (my father) died, when I was 37 years of age, in 1993. That experience (he died a long, slow death, from cancer) taught me about what is most important in life - family, friends, the need to feel useful, etc... Before this experience I was more job centered. I lived to work. After my father's death I changed - I worked to live, and I opened my eyes to life. I also became a much nicer person.

The final "awakening", for me, occurred in the fall of 2008. Understand that I had already considered myself a libertarian for decades, but I know now that I was only partially awake. The events of 2008 - the "financial crisis" during which the fascist nature of our overlords was revealed - which I observed from my new perspective, were like a slap on the head, awaking me from my prior "trusting" dream state.

Fully awake now, just watching, living, protecting, loving, and most of all... helping others.


I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

Thank you. Beautiful comment.

We are never done learning and expanding, not in this life time or even when we leave. Love is the gateway to the soul, and you have found it.

I have it down to something simple now that I live by faithfully.
DO NO HARM by your choices. But that does not mean I will not defend or protect if needed. I would guess you are of that opinion too.

You lost me at chakras.

You lost me at chakras.

Your comment made me smile. Go in the direction that

interests you! You do not have to be interested in chakras. :)
It IS a nice picture though. I have it on the wall over my computer.

But this is MY thing to do. We are all unique. Be yourself. Remember the universal law though;
DO NO HARM with any of your choices in this life.

If we all do that it will be a better world.

I'm with you friend. ;-)

I'm with you friend. ;-)

I guess I feel like all of them.

I know my heart, and know that I have my soaring moments when I am at best. I know my weaknesses, and still fight urges for revenge, to be a conqueror. I can only speak for myself, but I tend to assume this about others: I remain a work in progress, who knows what I'll be when I grow up?

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Me too. A work in progress.

and would not have it any other way! My post is much too simplified. A lifetime of learning cannot be condensed into a few lines. I posted it just to get people thinking about the energy levels and then seek more understanding on their own.

That's the problem with the theory -

Lack of transitional forms.
6 billion people
4 types?
That's ludicrous. The more people, the more types of people there will be. To me it seems like it would be much rarer to perfectly fit into one of these types than to rest outside or in between them.

Guess we are all really...

...mutts! =)

Agree! Every person is unique and a work in progress.

My examples only apply to a few. We are all shifting around every day in our energy levels, but little by little, eventually growing up into better humans.

I only wanted to provide a very flimsy framework for people to build on and something higher to aspire to. You are right that people are outside and in between my few examples, but hopefully on a steady course upward in evolution. I hope my post helps to give some direction. I need it too!

It very well may

Don't confuse my criticism of the theory as criticism of you for positing it. I enjoy talking shop.

Thanks, I do too, like talking shop.

Always willing to learn and willing to be wrong too! It is a complex topic.

What makes this any more legitimate than...

Astrology, reincarnation, karma, eternal return, or any other supernatural theory? Or for that matter, what makes it more legitimate than a personality test?
Because it 'sounds like it's right'? Because it makes libertarians seem like better people than everyone else because we're 'awake'?

People are not supposed to be categorized like this. We're far more complex than being just one of four types. We can't be neatly described by a paragraph.

I truly agree that this is greatly over simplified.

There is not enough space to elaborate. For me it comes from my own perspective which sees life and all creation as energy in motion and existing at different frequencies.

We are given free choice as to what we will do with our own energy. We configure our energy with our own thoughts. Thoughts and emotions can cause the energy that flows in us to be congested and cease to flow freely. That congestion is the root of illness and mental/emotional disharmony.

What begins in the mind with thought and feeling eventually manifests in the body as illness or it may come out in violence to others. To my thinking it is thought and emotion that needs to be balanced and in so doing we balance our energy and allow it to flow freely. It also works in reverse in some alternative healing therapies. Balancing the energy brings calm to the mind and emotions.

Some choose to focus all their thoughts on the world of the sensual. That is a mind choice. For whatever reason, some get stuck in a certain energy and it manifests as obsessive desire for power over others, or money and things, or obsessive need to have sex encounters with children or others easily taken advantage of. You know twisted thinking and desire when you see it. I relate it to an unbalance in the lower energy levels, too much energy held at the lower levels for too long. It becomes addictive and often comes out as anger and violence to others or sexual perversion.

We are meant to evolve, to rise above the survival, sexual, ego-power level of being to a level of love and compassion as Jesus, Buddha, Parahamansa, and other evolved beings demonstrated.

No one has to see things my way. I honor your right to see and think differently.

Evolved or simply aligned principles?

Greater and greater detail only yields more varied and numerous categories, which begs the question, "Why categorize?" We're individuals.

You say we configure our own energy, but what about Locke's notion that the self is based on experiences - sensations and reflections?
Would you say that a child born and raised in the forest by wolves chose to act like a wolf?

"What begins in the mind with thought and feeling eventually manifests in the body as illness"
I've heard that, but is there any proof?
Also, what about chemicals? It seems like you replace modern medicine with chakras, is that the case?

"You know twisted thinking and desire when you see it."
I believe we are all capable of twisted thinking and desire because these things exist in our society - what we learn we are capable of thinking ourselves. Some of us learn how to deal with these thoughts healthily, respectfully, productively, etc.

My beef is that different principles have different values to different people and there are no absolute 'good behaviors' that we can properly categorize at the top of the list from the perspective of all people. It's not accurate to say, for example, "looking for the answer from within," is a universally virtuous activity. Why? Because virtuosity is a created concept, just like fairness or good and evil. They don't exist without us thinking they exist. You say that Jesus, Buddha, etc. exhibited the evolved, the highest human ideals, but what you really mean is they exhibited behaviors that you agree with, identify with, and ultimately, have learned to appreciate.

Good points. Agree that we are unique individuals

all different backgrounds and with different environmental influences.

I do not replace modern medicine with chakras. But I am truly NOT sold on the modern medical pharmo industry although a nurse. I also believe that we are energy beings.

If a person believes a pill will heal them it usually does. People choose to heal themselves, the method does not matter whether it is surgery, a placebo, or energy balancing techniques. In the end you choose whether to live or die, be healed or continue being ill for the spiritual learning it may bring. Actually you talk it over with your own spirit and decide what to do. Most do not remember the conversation. I do.

As far as human behavior. One universal law: DO NO HARM. Period. If we all lived by that rule what a different world it would be.

I agree

We should not initiate violence.

Only the worst sort of theories

fit in some kind of fail-safe in case you disbelieve. "Oh, you don't believe? You're just type X, if only you were type Y (and a better person) as in the theory, you would have greater respect for the theory."


I did not mean for this to be a theory.

It is my own thoughts based on many years of research and meditation.

I believe we are all energy beings on a journey back to the higher level from which we came. But some have fallen into the trap of doing harm while on their journey, and have forgotten who they are.

Those who wish to rule others, have power over others, enslave others to their will, deny others freedom of choice.

Pointing this out has been the purpose of my post. The few examples I have given of human behavior are a bare framework of the infinite variety of levels at which we all shift around on.

You are free to believe as you choose. Allow others that also. The universal law is "do no harm". Being of a different opinion does no harm.

It certainly is a theory

Your collection of conjectural observations is a theory, that's not to insult it, just reality.

I am allowing others to believe whatever they want to, but I also wish to speak about this.

OK I guess it is my theory built on observation.

Two points that I think are important, although I presented it poorly:

1. Universal law: DO NO HARM

2. We have free choice provided the choice harms no other.

It was meant to point out:

- those who are doing harm

- those who are being harmed

- and a direction to choose to get above it and be free.

I did not notice and feel it is their right to vote me down.

Thanks Michael.

This is one of the best posts

I have ever read on here, comments included. OP, I just started doing yoga. I use a dvd but find it hard to meditate or focus while the tv is on. Any advice on how to get the most out of yoga?

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.
-Thomas Paine