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Do You Know Any of These People in the World? Are YOU One of Them?

People and the way they think and behave are the cause of all the problems on this beautiful planet Earth. Some people stay stuck at a certain level and do not mature beyond it. Unfortunately these are the ones that seek power and control in the world, those functioning at this low level of being. Although they will not recognize their low level and actually think themselves superior in the world; they are NOT. We are given free choice to evolve beyond each level, to strive to be better. Would love to see your opinions on these ideas.

We are energy beings. When your energy is focused at the heart level and above, you have entered the realm of being a spiritual human. The heart is the energy of unconditional love. Here is a picture. http://celestial-alchemy.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/chak... All energy levels must be balanced in the spiritual being, but some humans cannot get above the three lower levels and are stuck at the human-animal level where they can be worse than any animal in desires and behavior if unbalanced and perverted in their energy.

Ego-Animal-Human – in Darkness

Predator, over energized lower chakras, stuck in the animal-human phase of evolution seeking power over others, control of others, ego driven, greedy, seeking wealth, driven to acquire possessions, pursuing increasing sensory experiences out of boredom, often seeking perverted experiences such as child sex parties and other heinous acts because of being stuck at the ego- animal-human level. Wants to rule the world with all others providing for his/her needs.

The Helpless - in a Grey Zone

People living in fear, some under energized chakras, using addictions, food, alcohol, drugs, and sex, to escape the fear. Living in a cocoon of helplessness, looking outside ones self for help from the medical-pharmo system, psychiatrists, church, for someone to make it all right for you and take care of the mess you feel you are in. Always in drama. Always in trouble. Want to be looked after and thus easily exploited politically with promises of being looked after by government.

The Average Guy/Gal – Conscientious Worker – Asleep, Small Glimmer of Light

Just wants a nice life with his family and friends, probably functioning at the heart level, slaves away for life at the job paying his taxes and interest on debt so he can own his house and car and the interest on his debts keep the predators wealthy, caught in the trap of providing endlessly to keep the world-as-it-is going, cherishes the holidays with his family. Nice people but still slaves to the system and unknowingly in service to the power hungry greedy wealth seeking predators. A guy/gal has to earn a living. Gets news and entertainment from the media and tv. Believes the media-hype. Does not question.

Spiritual Human – Awake

Looks within for the answer, has gone above the heart level in energy awareness, fearless, living by the highest principles of honesty, compassion, courage, a sovereign being capable of unconditional love living by the highest human ideals, evolved beyond the EGO-human-animal stage of being, having become a spiritual-human. Lives simply with only the necessary possessions, seeks the larger picture in all that is happening in the world and the universe, and all creation. Works at a job, but may be known for his radical ideas and broader perspective. A system buster, and non-conformist who lives by his own truth. Says it like it is.
Example- Ron Paul and we all know many others.

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All of what clynbrit said and...

Turn the TV off at least 30 minutes before meditation. Your brain goes into beta brainwaves. Meditation shifts the brain to alpha brainwaves. I would highly recommend complete silence. Although, soft music that isn't distracting can be of help as well. I like Tibetan bowl sounds or Om chants, personally.

Here's a little trick I use in meditation that uses deep breathing and focus of the mind. When inhaling, count to 3. When exhaling count to 5. This 3/5 rhythm is more akin to our natural pattern of breathing rather than a 4/4 split. This also helps to minimize the wandering of the mind. Breathing in equal 4/4 breaths will cause you to fall into a repetitive even pattern and make it easier for your mind to wander. A 3/5 rhythm keeps your attention focused while breathing more naturally.

There is no goal. It's all about the NOW moment. The past exists in a memory you are having NOW and the future is just a thought you are having NOW about an eventual NOW. Be Patient. Be Present.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Turn the TV off

period. forever.

Make a quiet place where you will always sit.

Place some of your most peaceful art objects there. Make it a beautiful space just for meditation. Do your yoga stretches routine and then turn off the noise.

Sit in a chair or on a blanket with legs in a comfortable folded position. There are no points gained in being uncomfortable. Keep the back straight. Morning before work and before bed worked best for me. Sometimes I did the breathing and meditation laying on my bed. Do the breathing, followed by the meditation. I would do yoga breathing whenever I was just waiting in line or for an appointment. The calm is amazing when you go through life doing yoga breathing at every opportunity.

When in position, gaze gently upward at the spiritual eye, with eyes closed, during breathing and meditation. In time you will see light in the spiritual eye whenever you look. Speak within your mind telling your Higher Self, Guides, Guardian Angels, that you give them permission to help you regain your connection to your own Higher Self. Breathe and listen in the center of your brain. "Listen" is the key.

This will help you to gain control of your body, mind, emotions. Your mind is like a chatter box and needs to learn to be silent! When the universe feels you are sincere and ready the connection will be re-established. You need to be willing to purify your thoughts, desires, and eating habits along the way. Parahamansa Yogananda has beautiful writings as do many Yogis and Jesus also. Read scriptures every day including Buddha, the Bhagavad Gita, Bible Gospels. Ask your Higher Self to guide your intuition to what you need to read. Watch and listen for signs from your intuition. Hence forth your truth must come from within, from your intuition and Higher Self. Trust your Self above all others.

Good Luck on your journey.

Just wanted to add a comment myself.

Instead of portraying humans at their highest and best with highest ideals, everything in movies and TV is geared to a lower and unbalanced, often perverted, animal-human level of ego, lust, violence, fear, and insecurity even about having a family home.

Those who aspire to rule the planet are themselves stuck in unbalanced and at times perverted lower energy levels (child sex parties) and want to keep us there as well, because they cannot control an evolved human. Rise above them in wisdom and energy level and they will become another extinct species who cannot survive in a more highly evolved world, unless they too evolve.

http://celestial-alchemy.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/chak... All the chakras need to be experienced and balanced. Do not get stuck at any level. Keep moving and love yourself at every level. Choose love over fear. Turn the TV and movies off and meditate in silence. It will take you further. ;)

unrepentant sinner

You forgot that one.


Had to stop and think. But, Nope, did not forget.

That would be the person stuck in the lower levels of lust, perverted desires, and ego, wanting power, wealth, and control over others. These guys are unrepentant and actually feel superior.

The repentant person has a chance of learning and rising above that level. We are ALL repentant if we are striving to evolve. I have repented countless times in my lifetime. Psychopaths are unrepentant.

All "levels" are of great value

They are pretty much a process that EVERY human being goes through or IS going through right now.

Reading through all of them it feels like reading the story of my life... so far.

Every level is also an inspiration to the one before it and a point of reflection for those farther progressed.

If I had to, I'd say I fall into the Spiritual Human – Awake category. I understand the principle of unconditional love on the basis of energy—the source of all physical creation (look it up. modern science has already proven it). It takes some time to intellectually understand this shift in reality, but it requires your own experience to then come into a "knowing" of these principles. We should all strive to be deliberate thinkers and feelers (emotionally) because that is how we regain our human instincts that we've been conditioned to believe only animals posses. This is why the instrument of FEAR is used by TPTB, which they use to trap us in our ego minds and not reaching for the higher mind in us all.

But we're seeing that TPTB are FAILING in this latest cyclical attempt. Humans need to be ignorant of history for these methods to keep working. But now we know and continue to connect the dots more and more. Not all people will find comfort in these revelations, that is certain. But many WILL as well.

So, do not beat yourself down if you are on a "lower" level because moving through the levels is what the awakening process is and was all about for me. I sometimes wish I could go back to sleep just to reawaken again because the "Aha" moments are more thrilling than anything I've ever experienced. Well, until I learn how to shift into a light being I guess ;)

Great Post! 1+ Bump!

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Agree. The Aha moments are life changing

and once you have even ONE it keeps you striving for more. I feel like that is what my life has been all about, the stepping stones of those special moments while transitioning and maturing through the energy levels. And as you said, every level is important and has to be lived through and balanced. I like the picture of the chakras. http://celestial-alchemy.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/chak...

Humans are evolving rapidly and the average is probably heart level now with many going above, but TPTB have not kept pace and show no signs of changing. Their values are still stuck in feudal times, power and control. Interesting times to live through.

Hazarding an angle on this viewpoint

If each person alive today can be accurately identified according to the categories listed above then that information can be plotted on a graph which can then arrange the information in a competitive way to offer the viewer usable information - a different angle of view.

Supposing for example that the viewer were to construct a scale in which one end of the scale was zero on the left and maximum on the right, and the person measured as the most obvious person in category 1 is plotted at that zero point, and the person who measures up as the person who belongs unreservedly, or most exemplary, in the 4th category sets the maximum end of the scale.

I will offer Ben Bernanke up, name dropping here (anyone can offer a better example of a person more qualified to set the zero point on the scale), at the far left of the scale. Ron Paul was already named for the far right, and I suppose that the OP can stand right next to Ron Paul on that maximum end point at the far right of the scale.

This type of arrangement of accurate information tends to show up as a Bell Curve. The worst of the worst, or however the measures of what people are, what people think, and what people do, placing them on extreme ends of the scale are exceptional people, few people, they push the limits in either direction. Most people plot out in the middle.

So, according to the information offered in this Topic most people are at the high end of category 2 and the low end of category 3, if this angle of view offered applies competitively to offer useable information which assumes, I suppose, that the viewer is thinking freely, and not merely going along with whatever everyone else is doing, not someone who just follows orders without question.


Nice analysis.

I just included a picture of energy levels that might help. Humans are in energy transition, unless we choose NOT to evolve. Some just love being at the ego-animal-human level. It was not OK for me and I have always had to keep going. Maybe knowing you can be at a higher energy level even by just looking inward during quiet mediation can help. It is much more comfortable in your own skin when you evolve to higher energy levels.

As much as we hate to admit

As much as we hate to admit it, I think we all fall into each one of these groups at different times in our lives. I think that is just alright. Do your best guys.

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You are so right!

because we have to pass through these levels in growing up. I can remember being each and every one of these levels in growing up, and I hated being at some of those levels and just knew I did not want to stay there!


Did you write that or did it come from someone else? I would like to consider myself the last one although the fearless part(I'm female) I haven't quite got down pat yet. Some things still scare the crap out of me.

I wrote it.

I too am female. And I AM fearless. Being fearless has nothing to do with gender! Meditate to go beyond fear. Seek to communicate with your own Higher Self. She is your greatest protection.

Psychedelic drugs can help in

Psychedelic drugs can help in attaining this status as well. It is why they are illegal.

I haven't done psychedelics with spiritual growth in mind

But they sure have shown me that "reality" is far more flexible. I once had a mushroom trip in a movie theatre where I believed that I really had to go pee in the middle of the movie tried to hold it. TRIED. I felt my bladder go and I sure felt that I was wetting myself. 10 minutes later the movie ended and I went to the bathroom and found that I was bone dry and no odour either. It never "happened".

I do however, have a very strong interest and eventual plan to take part in an shamanic ayahuasca ceremony for the "right" reasons of consciousness exploration and not just for recreation. I don't drink or smoke cigarettes so marijuana does that for me.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Guess I chose at some point

not to tamper with my brain using chemicals. So I went the route of yoga exercise, breathing techniques, and meditation. It was not a fast fix but what I achieved I kept because it changes your energy level permanently.

Quite true

Consciousness expands and every new level reached is a new starting point for the next expansion.

You are also correct that forms of meditation do achieve these moments of expansion but unlike drug experiences, the expansion is not only permanent but well grounded to be a launching point for the next experience. Drugs are like a shortcut without all the hands-on knowledge that is of the greatest benefit.

When I get into deep meditation I "see" things that I have yet to experience on drugs. And how much more rewarding is THAT—to know that this experience is NOT chemically induced but is very real and lies within you?

I did use marijuana in meditation because it served as an assistant to "loosen" the ego mind and helped me to get familiar with energetic flows. I now ONLY meditate sober because marijuana, like Television, induces beta brainwaves which are harder to move into a sustainable frequency of the higher mind. This explains why so many awaken much quicker once they reduce or stop watching TV. Their natural instincts and insights begin to pick up natural momentum which television suppresses.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

It took me many years and much determination and

patience to finally connect consciously to my higher self. Once that happens there is no going back. Once the door is open to light nothing will close it. Your own light shining in the darkness dispels all darkness within and around you.

Life remains a challenge, but it is seen from the different perspective of your higher self. You DO remain a human with all that involves. I have met many children who are born connected. This is the future human. No UN-evolved human will be able to stop this process initiated by the universe and by design from the Creator that is experiencing through all things.

I like you


Have a wonderFULL weekend! This post made my Friday.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

jrd3820's picture

You aren't even afraid of ghosts?!

I was with ya on the fearless female thing for a minute and then I realized I am afraid of so many things lol


Never be afraid of ghosts.

You are more powerful than any spirit and if you do not give permission for one to be there they must leave. And I have to admit sharks are not my favorite things, but I do not feel fear. There are lots of things I do not like much. Just deal with stuff as it comes along after being prepared the best you can. Of course take measures to protect yourself. I would deal with fears like heights and gain strength by over coming.

I am Afraid



Fear not!

;) He might actually be a nice guy, but a tool of the elite. Maybe fear keeps him their puppet.


That's awesome! An excellent analogy. And a fearless female too! That is awesome as well. I could probably learn a thing or two from you! Thanks!