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Kentucky lawmaker earns name for himself by voting ‘no’

Thomas Massie is getting very good at saying “no.”

In less than three months on Capitol Hill, the Kentucky congressman has voted no on the fiscal cliff deal, no on the rule for Republicans’ thwarted Plan B, voted no on the National Defense Authorization Act, voted no on all of the disaster relief for states affected by Hurricane Sandy and voted against John Boehner for speaker.

And he’s not getting tired of it.


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KY liberty movement is comin' in hot

The movement is on the rise in Kentucky. They ain't messin' around down there. Massie and Rand didnt get elected by accident thats for sure. Minds are changing.


Fancy Shmancy Fine Print:

he reads the bills!

Read the whole article. You guys are gonna love Thomas. He is a great, genuine guy.

Leader, not a follower.

Leader, not a follower.

Southern Agrarian