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20 votes - Learn Bitcoin Easier

New site consolidates information into one place to make learning Bitcoin easier:

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I would recommend

Putting as a means to purchase bitcoins. I've been using them for a while.. Seem to be a decently funded startup. Once you link bank accounts you can buy bitcoins whenever. It takes a few days to get them (they gotta withdraw from your account) but you get them for whatever price you wanted them for. A+. Easiest way so far.


For cashing out http://fastcash4bitcoins

Cashing out is always less of a pain than getting in, given the irrevrsable nature of bitcoin transactions.

Great Post!

I also recommend following advice on the use of Bitcoins that show you how to STORE YOUR OWN!

This is everyone's chance to BE THEIR OWN BANK!!!

Let's do it!

Just plain 'Happy'about the direction the world is taking! Especially if we live to reach LEV [Longevity Escape Velocity]

is a site where you can put bitcoins in physical form

That site is a 3rd party you're entrusting with bitcoins. Sometimes this is ok and sometimes it's not so smart. With Bitcoin there is no hand holding. No FDIC insurance or chargebacks. It's totally free market, including people being free to scam others. I'm not saying either way about I don't know them. This is just a general warning.

One 3rd party that is widely trusted by the Bitcoin community making physical coins is here:

He also says WHY you can trust his coins. I think that's a good sign. I have one of his coins.


just found this (bitbills) today, don't know much about bitcoins or bitbills.

Here is the problem...

I am all for alternative currency to the federal reserve notes, but the problem I have with Bitcoin is this, it is not GOLD and SILVER. It is digital just as the Federal Reserve notes, it is not backed by anything physical or of value.

Have your savings at least in Gold and Silver, please people.

Also see these sites I got them from

"Not to mention a Bitcoin developer admitting that with sophisticated software the system is not so anonymous anyway and the Silk Road folks signaling their willingness to work with “authorities” if necessary." source: from mises link above

Answering your points...

First, it is advised to use Bitcoin ALONG WITH gold/silver. Nobody is suggesting Bitcoin replace these. Use gold for what it does best (store value), and bitcoins for what they do best (transfer value).

Second, that article is from June 2011. I'd be curious if the author still holds the same views.

Third, bitcoins don't need to be backed by anything to have value. It's true the bitcoin exchange rate could drop to zero anytime. If you fear that don't hold them, or hold only very few of them, or only hold them for a limited time. None of these is a problem. People will do this differently, and that's fine.

Last, I've never seen any indication anyone at Silk Road would work with authorities. Quite the opposite. But even if that was the case, that has nothing to do with Bitcoin. Silk Road is just one Bitcoin user of many. Same thing with any scams or hacks people using bitcoins have suffered. And this explains anonymity.


I was suggesting people to be cautious.


they should be. People should be cautious with anything. One problem is people have become too soft and want a feeling of security from some overseer. People need to use their brains. So I agree with you whether it's Bitcoin or anything else.

Garan's picture

Ahh, Like Fresh Air. Liberty is as Liberty Does.

Good to see something I can use and do, that's liberty in motion. opposed to consuming too much disturbing political trends.

Ahh. Fresh Air.

Competition in Currency Act!

Bitcoin is one of the reasons we need the Competition in Currency Act passed ASAP.

I sure want to look in to this - thanks-


"If you want something you've never had before, you have to do something you've never done before." Debra Medina

It's a good time

The price is moving up lately. Currently $15.50. It barely broke $14 a little while ago.