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Balanced Budget Amendment? How would Such a Thing Work With A Constitution Legislators Already Despise?

For anyone who doesn't know... I run a blog, www.forlibertysake.wordpress.com, and I decided to evaluate/write an article based on Compact For America and their want/willingness to push for a BBA to our Constitution. Upon publishing the article, Mr Danias of CFA has replied in forum, and so has Joe Wolverton from The New American, who I referenced in my original article.

The only people missing from this debate are my bro's and sisters in arms here at the DP. I was wondering what DP thinks about this issue, and for anyone who is willing... I would like for you to weigh in over at forlibertysake.

Mr Danias of CFA obviously has some issues with understanding the principle of Nullification. Who better to educate him that my DP peers?