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New Cell Phone Provider, Ting, Too Good To Be True or a Future Leader in the Industry?

Or neither could be the answer too I guess!


I'm curious if anyone has ever heard of Ting. Just from a little research, it seems quite interesting.

Check out their plans.

This is not an endorsement by any means. I just learned about this company today from some random FB friend, and the concept is something I've been dreaming up. I mean seriously...why isn't there a $10/month cell phone plan? Well, Ting claims to have plans for even less than that, and even elastic plans that bump up or down with usage, while automatically billing you less or more each month, eliminating overages.

Anyone down to try it?! I don't know how I've lasted this long with Sprint!

Ting also says they'll pay your early contract termination fees up to $350 by crediting you Ting account. No contracts.

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Be wary of pre-paid services

Appeals court rules law enforcement agencies don't need a warrant to "ping" and track prepaid cellphone locations.


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Normally I wouldn't promote anything but

We've been using PureTalk for ten months now


It's also 10 bucks a month for one line

we get 4 lines for 25 bucks a month, NO TAXES, no extra fees, no contracts, and roll over minutes forever that can be shared and redistributed between the 4 lines.

Granted we also got 4 free basic flip phones to use but that's all we need. we are not smart phone people

Apparently you can use phones you already own if they are compatible and they do offer reasonable data plans as well.

I figured I'd post this if people are shopping around. You might look into it if you have a big cell phone bill

I'll try it

I'm on redpocket right now, they are pretty good, but it doesn't always have the best service, they claim to be off of att but I notice a huge difference, but still, I've had them for about a year and it really has saved me money and is a bit slow but still good. Lets see if Ting is better, this is something ive though about for a long time, going all data and no minutes.

You just got PAULED!

I am happy to see this

AT&T, Verizon and even Sprint have been making an attempt for the last couple years to raise the price standard throughout the whole industry. I like to see anyone trying to bring it back down.

Anyone that would continue to let AT&T or Verizon talk or extort them into noncompetetive, unreasonable and higher than market standard prices is dumber than a box of rocks and we will all pay more because of it.

Drop them and tell them why.

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

I've been using Repubic Wireless over a year

I've been using Republic Wireless.


I won't have to pay service for my first 18 months of service.

They use a hybrid calling system of wifi/cellular.

If you are around wifi a ton, I highly suggest looking at this option.

my experience

Not so positive... wouldn't recommend. Mostly have issues when it's on the cell signal, and I'm in a major market.

Been a Ting customer for a few months now.

All good so far. Sprint was $180/month. Ting 67 this month.. we used a lot of data. $49 is our lowest bill so far for two phones.

Ting just piggy backs

Sprint's network.


Straight Talk- $50

Sprint Network

Well if you live in area like the Pacific Northwest, Sprint is not all that good, and Ting uses Sprint Towers. I just left Verizon and went to T-Mobile. I am saving over $100.00 a month. To get the same service with Ting that I now have with T Mobile, I might save $20.00 a month, but I get service with T Mobile and I don't with Sprint. Also with T Mobile I make payments on my phone, I do not need to pay the full amount like you do with Ting. The prices that I have quoted above is with the phone payments. In eight months my phone will be paid for and my cost will drop $11.00 a month. But it is something to look into. The more competition, the lower the cost. :-)

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Been using Ting for 6 months

I went from $70 to $16 per month.

Drawback, the phone is considered as a pre-paid phone by long distance operators.

The business I was trying to call in the Cook Islands didn't have Skype, and for reasons Ting couldn't figure out at that time, my phone would not call direct. So tried the long distance operator to dial for me and told there was no way to bill me for her assistance. That's when I found out my phone was considered as a pre-paid.

The service people with Ting had forgotten to click the button that allows my phone to call outside the States. Once resolved, all was well.

Ting service people were very helpful and persistent in trying to fix the problem.

What we need are cheap data plans, VOIP our own calls for free.

The cheapest data plan I've seen capped at $30 per month, no contract is the walmart $30 tmobile plan.

Unlimited data, 4g up to the 1st 5 GB, 2-3g data after that is unlimited, no additional charge.

The plan also has unlimited texting but only 100 minutes of voice calls. But if you set up your Android to do SIP/VOIP internet calling with Google Voice you are using the data and not the voice minutes.

This is how I roll and since my main number is ported to Google Voice I don't even need to pay the cell plan except when I am traveling. In which case I can activate a daily rate.

Anytime I am within range of WIFI my calls find me with or without tmobile.


Kinda enticing to switch to Ting. I am now on Straight Talk MVNO

and pay a flat $45/mo for my prepaid unlimited talk/text/data account. I roughly use between 2-5GB of data a month (HSPA+ T-Mobile) . But with Ting, $60 is what they charge up to 3GB of data usage...but then again I routinely fluctuate on data usage...so Ting might be worth looking into. One caveat though, my unlocked Android phone is GSM. No can do for the CDMA Ting/Sprint network.

If I use "XL" for only 2GB data usage (very likely, in a month).

I'm already out by $42...not counting the $6 per device/month. No dice.

Here is another

company that I looked at last month. I don't think they go as low as $10 but I was considering switching to something like this when my current plan expires.
Since the novelty is gone, I'm weary of throwing money away for minutes, data, and text services that I rarely, if ever, use in any given month.


My wife uses it and loves it.

My wife uses it and loves it. She discontinued her sprint service and continued using the same phone with ting.

It's great

I've been on Ting for a few months, coming from at&t. To try it out I purchased a refurbished gen1 android - an LG optimus S. It's not too bad considering with the $50(now $25) joerogan.ting(dot)com discount dropped the price of the phone to $6 shipped with no contract at all. It has all the capabilities of my iphone 3gs but has some annoying bugs(reoccurring error messaging). What do u expect in a $6 smart phone.

I get MUCH better voice reception side by side with at&t in every location I have tried it, it's so nice to not cut in and out in rural areas and I am in them alot. The 3g is not quite as good as at&t in rural areas but, I speculate that this could be due to the old school phone I am currently running it on. While using it near the city it is as good or better than at&t. I plan to stay with ting and upgrade phones soon regardless.

I called a few days ago for my brother asking for information on getting his number switched from at&t to ting(i got a whole new number myself). On the 2nd ring! without one single automated prompt a very nice AMERICAN girl named Katie answered and in just a few seconds I had my answer in plain english. "You need your ssn and your at&t pin number at the time of activating your phone."

So yea, I'm excited to be with ting and have only great things to say so far.

I believe that ting is owned

I believe that ting is owned by Sprint, or at least uses their network.

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It uses the Sprint Network...free voice roaming, but no data roaming.

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Joe Rogan Experience?

Joe Rogan Experience?

Powerful Joe Rogan!

Best Podcast of all time.

He speaks very highly of Ting, which is a sponsor of the podcast. I wish we had a company like that up in Canada.

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One of my other friends on FB said the same thing...

He said that Ting is a sponsor on Joe's show. Hmm....at least it's not Fleshlights!

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!


Kale shakes all day!

Kale shakes all day!


for the heads up!