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I sense that the world is shifting and though it may seem at times for the worst, the worst will come for the betterment of our humanity and survival.

I believe we should welcome what is happening in this Nation, not in the sense that we accept it as inevitable, but that we accept it as the reality of things, because only then can we find the empowerment to revoke it and establish the liberation and principles we all should be allowed to know...free of infringment, degredation, fraud, usury and exploitation. Exploiting young children in order to vandalize and commit arson on our founding principles, fought for, died for by men same as us who bore children same as us and understood as parents and humans that children should be protected until they can protect their own, is subhuman and places upon their tiny heads the burdens of devolving and subjecting their very own parents to the fruits of their exploitation. Men who do such things are subhuman! Children should never be the means to an end they cannot fathom or comprehend.

This is how I feel that Grace is amongst us now. Although I cannot prove a God, I can above that, feel that we are on the brink of an event that will explain a part of "God" that we have all been searching for, in many different ways, but by doing so overlooked, swept over the cracks to many times and sifted away from us.

We will all know exactly what to do when this moment comes and I am quite honestly ready to not only welcome it, but be grateful for it.

Peace and Love first.

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