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South Dakota bringing back the Gold!

South Dakota legislation would make Gold & Silver legal tender!

This week freshmen state Representitive Dan Kaiser, who is the champion of Liberty in the South Dakota state legislature, introduced a bill to make Gold & Silver legal tender in South Dakota.

H.B #1100
FOR AN ACT ENTITLED, An Act to authorize the use of certain gold and silver coins as legal tender.
Section 1. The gold and silver coin issued by the government of the United States or authorized by law is a currency that is legal tender for the payment of all debts between the citizens of this state. Gold and silver coin may be received in payment of all debts due to the citizens of this state and in satisfaction of any tax levied by the authority of the laws of this state. No person may compel any other person to tender or accept gold and silver coin issued by the government of the United States or authorized by law.


The South Dakota legislature has 70 house members, and 35 Senate members.
The bill has 32 Representatives in the house that have cosponsored the bill along with the prime sponsor in the house Dan Kaiser.

And in the Senate it has 6 cosponsors along with the prime sponsor in the senate Dan Lederman.

It appears like this bill will have a pretty good chance of passing!
Any thoughts?

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Article 1 Section 8 already does that.

I like the affirmation by legislation but can we just do this already?

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Robert Kahre case info

My name is Nathan Rex and I am a close family friend of Mr. Robert "Bobby" Kahre. I am pleased to see that there are people out there who understand the injustice which Mr. Kahre has been subject to. I am very familiar with Mr. Kahre's case (both 2005 and 2007) and I was even able to spend time in the court room during the 2nd criminal trial which found Mr. Kahre guilty of over 50 felony counts and brought him a sentence of 190 months in a Federal prison. It is amazing to me the lack of media coverage this case has received, and I would love nothing more than to help shed light on Mr. Kahre. If you reply back with a method of contact I will get back to you asap and I would love to share any information that I may have.

It appears....

the Federal Government is losing control of their monopolistic stranglehold.....

And if the band you're in starts playing different tunes, I'll see you on the dark side of the moon.

I use silver for payment

For some business.
It's legal tender.

In actuality it costs me more FRNs for the silver but it's real money in the form of silver.

I would rather spend a bit more and use silver than FRNs. That benefits the owner.

With the lokota free bank one can make a good 9% interest over 18 months.

That's killer, especially with silver. Otherwise your silver sits in the same account. Which is also good. Over time the silver maintains the same buying power.

I've been told to use AOCS which is way over spot but maybe they also take US mint (lakota free bank) or any other bullion dealer like APMEX or such. Otherwise AOCS is a rip off. Their price over spot is huge.

A Listing Of States Considering Gold/Silver Money:


In my humble opinion, Ron Paul's words, started the Gold/Silver as money movement nation wide !


Yes I totally agree, without

Yes I totally agree, without Ron Paul this bill would not be introduced. And even more likely Rep Kaiser would have never ran for office.

A Long Article By Dr. Edwin Vieira:

Please pass it on to Rep. Kaiser.


The question then becomes: Must the Axis of Financial Fraud be suffered to “crucify America on a cross of debt”?

The answer is NO! There is a way out. The purveyors of the culture of debt at both ends of the Axis of Financial Fraud have forgotten that their pyramids of phony paper promises are still subject to constitutional law. To smash the Axis once and for all, Americans must:

(i) restore commodity money of silver and gold as the only official media of exchange for the General Government and the States;

And this excerpt:
.... to break the links once and for all between bank and state and between currency and debt, using the industrial-strength tools the Constitution supplies.

How will they do it? WE THE PEOPLE must first declare and then secure their economic and legal independence from the Federal Reserve System’s régime of fiat currency and central banking within their own States and Localities.....much more at the link above.


Thanks I sent him the link

Thanks I sent him the link this morning.

Surprise---Utah Has "Already" Signed A Similar Bill Into Law !

H.B.O. 317


Bill Status/Votes
Last Action: 25 March 2011, Governor Signed
Last Location: Lieutenant Governor's office for filing


Same thing:

59-1-1502. Gold and silver coin.
(1) Gold and silver coin issued by the federal government is legal tender in the state.

We need the states to coin their own money.

That's good news hopefully

That's good news hopefully multiple states will enact this legislation!

It's a BOGUS bill

"No state shall make anything but gold and silver a tender in payment of debts" - it's not authorizing the printing of state coins. It's begging the federal govt to do it.

The printing of state coins would be a solution. This is a deception.

Plus he just LOOKS like an Attorney... do I need to confirm that assumption?

If he was reading his owner's manual he would know that states have the lawful powers delegated to them by the constitution to mint state coins.

It's not "bogus" it's just

It's not "bogus" it's just aligning SD with the constitution, on legal tender laws. And Dan Kaiser the author isn't a lawyer, I assume the state lawyers at the Capitol helped him write the bill though.

It's a political bill only. It will do nothing.

What the state needs is to coin it's own money. If one state would start doing it the FED monopoly goes bust. One state out of 50 saying to FED's "coin money" doesn't seem like it will go very far besides I"m a fan of 50 separate coined monies and not 1.

Edwin Viera has been involved.


Free includes debt-free!


Legal tender laws are a wolf in sheeps clothing. IT IS LEGAL TO BARTER WITH GOLD AND SILVER WITHOUT TAXES AND NO DEBT ATTACHED!!!!
This bill would allow the government to tax it out of the market and attach our national debt to it. When the dollar dies, our tax obligations will too. THEY DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT.
This bill could backfire bad. We know they use double speak and twist the meaning of words all the time. They know that precious metals are an enemy to them, hence the petro dollar wars. Watch em.

Ron brought the Liberty movement together, Rand is expanding the crap out of it! :)

trying paying your taxes in gold or silver

If gold and silver were made to be legal tender (like it should be) then the capital gains tax would be removed on transactions.

There would be no taxes with gold payments any more so then FRN tranactions

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I can see your point, but I

I can see your point, but I think that we need to pass the law because this bill merely aligns South Dakota under the Legal tender laws of the U.S Constitution.

I don't follow. Under current

I don't follow. Under current law trading dollars for gold is a taxable event, and actually bartering is a taxable event as far as I knew. I remember once seeing a story about the IRS trying to extract taxes from people who earned income in barter. These legal tender laws are intended to remove the tax-ability of exchanging metals for dollars.

Besides, the government could change laws to demand tax payments in anything they want to. The US could shut down the fed and replace fed notes with US notes if they want (not gonna happen). Making gold legal tender will make no difference. The government can't attach the debt to an object, it's the governments debt regardless of what the currency is. The difference is that the government cannot monetize their debt with gold. That's a good thing.

Do I have this all wrong?

Yes, you have this all wrong

I think you make some good points

I believe we should never trade metals for fiat. It is a good day when you can trade fiat for metal.
US Notes are another form of fiat, just backed by gold. These are better than our current situation.
I think only the real thing will do and people will refuse to repay our countries debt. This will be written off with the dollar as fraudulent. (this will also piss China off)
If you trade or barter, you are not paying taxes because it is a trade, and not a sell. Silver and gold are not legal tender, so you cannot sell anything for silver. Therefore, you cannot tax a sell. Bartering can become a lot harder to trace and, since its not money, taxes can't be paid in that form, until we call it money.
Well, that is the way I understand it.

Ron brought the Liberty movement together, Rand is expanding the crap out of it! :)

If it must be issued by the

US government, how does that bring back gold? US gold and silver currency way exceeds face value. How could that enter circulation?

They will use local Lakota gold.


In order to use Lakota gold

In order to use Lakota gold they'll have to pass another law authorizing it. As the bill states, "gold and silver coin issued by the government of the United States or authorized by law."

The U.S. Mint Is Supposed To Use U.S. Mined Gold/Silver.


For the American Eagles Program strategic stockpiles which are renewed by silver and gold mined within the United States of America.

For "other" coins, the metal is purchased from around the world.

I know that the some of the silver planchets that were used for the State Quarters Program originated from the Perth Mint in Australia.

Read more: http://www.cointalk.com/t216000/#ixzz2IOHj5EJK


Wait... who denominates them?

I wouldn't give an ounce of gold away for $50 worth of anything on the planet.

No train to Stockholm.

Should have been Idaho.

We passed a resolution in 2008 that never went anywhere. I'm proud of SD, and a little jealous. Good luck!

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Well it isn't passed yet, but

Well it isn't passed yet, but I am very hopeful. I will keep this updated if it passes!