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South Dakota bringing back the Gold!

South Dakota legislation would make Gold & Silver legal tender!

This week freshmen state Representitive Dan Kaiser, who is the champion of Liberty in the South Dakota state legislature, introduced a bill to make Gold & Silver legal tender in South Dakota.

H.B #1100
FOR AN ACT ENTITLED, An Act to authorize the use of certain gold and silver coins as legal tender.
Section 1. The gold and silver coin issued by the government of the United States or authorized by law is a currency that is legal tender for the payment of all debts between the citizens of this state. Gold and silver coin may be received in payment of all debts due to the citizens of this state and in satisfaction of any tax levied by the authority of the laws of this state. No person may compel any other person to tender or accept gold and silver coin issued by the government of the United States or authorized by law.


The South Dakota legislature has 70 house members, and 35 Senate members.
The bill has 32 Representatives in the house that have cosponsored the bill along with the prime sponsor in the house Dan Kaiser.

And in the Senate it has 6 cosponsors along with the prime sponsor in the senate Dan Lederman.

It appears like this bill will have a pretty good chance of passing!
Any thoughts?

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Testimony ideas

And also if anyone has any good ideas for testimony for this bill that would be great. Specifically Rep Kaiser is looking for any information on the 2008 Nevada case with Robert Kahre vs the IRS. Any ideas would be appreciated and I would relay them directly to Rep. Kaiser. Thanks.

A conversation with

Bernard von NotHaus, or his counsel might help you.


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That's very interesting never

That's very interesting never heard of the free Lakota bank. I like it that they have a Ayn Rand quote, that's pretty cool.