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Lance Armstrong doped and more opiates from the media

All while our country is tittering on the pin of solvency we keep warm by the burning flames of our constitution with little s'mores of chocolate like the Lance Armstrong/ Oprah interview.

How can anyone that has a thinking brain divulge in this cream cheese when our great nation is certainly on the brink? Where are our priorities?

How about Tiger Woods sleeping with Porn Stars? That was really important. Or Steroids in Baseball? Or Kate's pregnancy....and on and on ....we're dying over here!

Well I think it's time for real news, opinion and commentary don't you? Where can we get such a product you say?

The Internet! ....and to think we are just scratching the surface here on the Daily Paul....

Time for something new, something edgy, something with purpose ....something that is truthful and unbiased.

Just saying