Our goal is to win. We have 96 days, maybe less. We have one shot.

Yesterday afternoon, the Ron Paul 2008 staff came together to hear that message. I shared it with them then. I share it with you now.

Our goal is to win. Ron Paul wins the Republican nomination. Ron Paul becomes our next president.

We have 96 days, maybe less. The first contest will be January 5 in Wyoming. But Iowa will change its date to be earlier than Wyoming and New Hampshire will do the same. Michigan will hold its primary on January 15. South Carolina and Nevada are set for January 19, followed by Florida on January 29.

We have one shot. The time is right for this Ron Paul Revolution; there are many reasons why. But this opportunity we now hold in our hands will never come again.

The future of our nation lies with us, and with the people who will soon join this freedom movement.

We have the answer: freedom. We have the man: Ron Paul. We have each other.

We have what we need to win.

Kent Snyder
Ron Paul 2008

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Its the Internet Stupid....

In years past, when George Bush Sr wanted to talk about his success in orchastrating Gulf War I, Bill Clinton quipped, " its the Economy Stupid".

Well earth to RP Campaign, "its the Internet Stupid".... which means we need INFORMATION and PARTICIPATION.

Ron Paul needs to understand that there is a FEED BACK LOOP with the grass roots and the Campaign. Your letter above, your late requests for funding, your lack of letting us know WHAT Needs funding, what is going to get funded, all tells me that you have NOT a CLUE of the underlying process.

Ken, You must have egg on your faces up there at the campaign after seeing the money roll in. Learn from this. Its your first REQUEST of your Base. Is that all you wish? You and the Campaign must now realize that you must have INFORMATION flowing back ALL THE TIME to all of US out here on the internet. The power of the internet is such OPEN INFORMATION systems....

So Ken, GET US THE NAMES and Addresses of registared voters in the 5 primary states. Apperantly, only Campaigns can purchase and get that info.

Create Knock-Knock door to door ZIP CODE campaigns, ask for Volunteers for these nights Monday, Wed, Thursday and Sunday. Volunteers should get teams of 3-5 people to do the Knocking..... 25 Doors & addresses per night---every night. THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN NOW, not 10 days before Primary election.

Get a POST CARD campaign going directly to Registared Voters. Theme the Post Card campaign the RP is the only Republican who can beat Hillary. Yes its a primary race, but Republicans are voting only for the Win, as in who can win. So play to that message. If you want to see the Post Card campaign I have worked up...email me trey4600 at yahoodotcom. IF you are not doing this NOW, than I am thinking you are being very Un WISE.

Change your Campaign website and Continuely tell us what 10 items need funding, keep it up and out there for all to see. Do this FAST.

Continuely itemize grass roots suggestions on ways to reach VOTERS.

ASK YOUR BASE always for specific measurable help. Never be shy about this. Use the power of the internet. The collective intelligence of the Base is far greater than the collective wisdom of the leadership. Fold the decision making into a format your Base can think out for you and decide.

Continuely tell us how much is raised each day.

Yes, please BUY this wonderful libertarian BOOK! We all must know the History of Freedom! Buy it today!

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Sound advice

I hope there is some way you can forward that post by Treg to RP HQ! It's very good info!

I consider myself pretty well read, but that made me think of things I did not even consider.

Now that you mention it, I am kinda surprised that there are not more updates and info on www.RonPaul2008.com. I get almost all of my info here or Google News or meetup.

Good post.


Bravo, well said.

I agree with Treg. The $500K in 7-days was the *FIRST* request that the campaign had of anyone of us.

You have Meetup Groups with essentially no agenda, except email forwards from other groups with alarming declarations, such as the idea that Ron Paul is *NOT* registered with California's Secretary of State as a candidate. Who is addressing this problem? No one knows, there's a bystander effect going on; I email people, and I get no response.

The Ron Paul Revolution is a different kind of movement. Stump speeches and high-dollar fundraising lunches is what you do when you have MSM watching your back. The Ron Paul 2008 campaign has to do more to mobilize the base!

Campaign is over. Ron Paul is history.

The campaign is over as we know it. Now they are changing the voting rules that will make it harder for Dr. Paul to win. The system is simply too big and corrupt for someone like Dr. Paul to win. Let's wait one or two more generations.

More details here - http://www.gambling911.com/Ron-Paul-New-Voting-Rules-100307.html

We don't *have* one or two more generations to wait...

which is why we need to ACT NOW!! :-D

MJ population

Did you check out the 25 million untapped voters forum? It's not over yet and this is a fantastic strategy! Please people start jumping on it. I used to live in Reno and worked with lots of "herb" smokers and if there was a candidate who would leave them alone they would have got out of there houses and voted. Yeah, the laws are changing. I'm in LA so unless they change the rules I've got until January and I'm just getting started. Peace Out!!!!

Easy FIDO...... in no way

Easy FIDO...... in no way is it over.. the rules can be changed all they want... This grass roots effort is only going to get stronger... Primaries are not as important as one thinks.. look at recent history... Ron Paul is in until the end..

Click here to check out

What it Says

What does this say about Paul's Q3 numbers?

Either they got at least $7 million in Q3 or Kent Synder is on drugs.

I had similar thought. My

I had similar thought.
My conservative estimate is $4.1 mil. ($30,000 a day plus some extras).
Gee, I want to be wrong on that.

Fuel to the fire.

It sounds like the Q3 donation push has added fuel to the Ron Paul fire. This is the first time I've heard the campaign call for swift action and attach an end date to that action... The time is now to increase our efforts 10X.

#RonPaul @ irc.freenode.net

#RonPaul @ irc.freenode.net