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Just Some History

I made this video [BELOW] back in July/August 2010 ... highlighting some things I found, "treasures", from my tiny little collection of 19th century history books....

The onus of our founding revolution is rooted in these philosophies; which have moral/religious roots regarding man's relationship to his Creator and the overarching idea that Liberty is God-given, and, God-rescinded!

Our contemporary outrage at times seems emotional and progressive; we know the math behind the debt - you don't have to be of any religious affiliation to understand that and be outraged and angry...BUT...if we want to try so hard to make this case for a REAL revolution culturally relative, whereas we try to yoke man's truly spiritual yearning for freedom and his ability to abound and prosper by his own unique talents and abilities unabated by HEAVY government, to, today's secular humanism and man-centered philosophies about what greatness he can achieve as though there is NO Creator running the whole show - I think we deceive ourselves, and we ignore this NECESSARY history.

I do not want us to fail miserably because we don't want to do the hard work of exposing or discerning the FACT that we got here as a nation via the hard efforts of false Christian "prophets"/teachers, and Christian hypocrites and lairs over decades of time; replacing creation with evolution without any real objection because it's so intellectual, and distracting us with technology and money, while ignoring or teaching God-honoring STEWARDSHIP over the time, talents, and treasures that the government has yet to impede upon or confiscate and restrict!

I fear that we will lose, fail, big time if in our OWN intellect we simply don't want/need the God of the Bible to fight this battle with us/for us...Thankfully Ron Paul is a Christian Statesman, and even the professing atheists and agnostics PREFER him because of his example and trustworthiness; but I am fearful still, that the "majority lot" of our presentation proclaims that we just want to throw "religion" out of the equation altogether because we don't know any of it as so many grew up unchurched, or, in these social clubs void of scripture and moral absolutes or discipline....we must not have a collectivist mindset/bias against all the God-talk for a whole host of reasons; so let me have my say, and promote my point of view about what historical education needs to be communicated, in my own amateur form ;)



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I too, believe that without God we will utterly fail

Proverbs 21:31 KJV

The horse is prepared against the day of battle: but safety is of the LORD.

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