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Rock solid proof of extra-terrestrial life? Scientists find fossilized algae inside meteorite

Published: 19 January, 2013, 05:04

Fossilized algae recently discovered inside a Sri Lankan meteorite could finally prove the existence of extra-terrestrial life, claim the authors of the new paper.

­In a recently published article in the Journal of Cosmology titled “Fossil Diatoms in a New Carbonaceous Meteorite”, scientists from the UK and Sri Lanka claim to have found fossilized algae in a meteorite.

The paper alleges that “microscopic fossilized diatoms were found in the sample,” which fell in Sri Lanka in December last year. The finding, the work suggests is a “strong evidence to support the theory of cometary panspermia.” The theory argues that life across planets is spread by meteorites and asteroids. Panspermia suggests that life could have existed on another planet and moved to Earth.

read more http://rt.com/news/meteorite-life-report-mars-310/

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Sorry. Things have been a little quiet around here, thought I'd shake it up a bit. Very interesting article, by the way.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.


I think that it hasn't quite been universally shunned by the scientific community yet; but the article does prove some bias, for sure.