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Rand Paul: Teachers Should Be Armed


Sen. Rand Paul said on Thursday that teachers and principals should carry concealed weapons in the classroom to prevent another mass shooting from happening.

“Is it perfect? No. Would they always get the killer? No. Would an accident sometimes happen in a melee? Maybe,” the Kentucky Republican told a group of business leaders in Oldham County, Ky., according to the Courier-Journal. “But nobody [at Sandy Hook Elementary] had any defense, and he just kept shooting until he was tired and he decided to shoot himself.”

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It's only 2013, but this issue is going to be front and center come primary season in 2015.

I agree with Rand completely...and I think many teachers in the United States wish they could actually protect themselves when they go to work. Teachers are often physically assaulted by their own students.


EL CERRITO, CA (KGO) -- A middle school is holding a public meeting on campus safety after a teacher was assaulted by a group of students.....

"Then everybody started crowding around her, pushing her, yelling at her, getting in her face cussing at her," said another.

Students say the crowd grew to roughly 100 people and one kid pushed her and she fell down the stairs.

------------full article linked above.

It is very important that Rand Paul stresses how states have the individual right to deal with this matter, and that he would not make gun training for teachers and principals mandatory across the nation. Only a king or dictator would force anything upon us.

That being said, I think one of the smartest things Rand Paul could ever do right now is say, "Every school in America should AT LEAST have one armed police officer on duty at all times."

That is a very reasonable thing to do, and I think police officers, AND teachers unions would agree. If the teachers do not want to arm themselves, then they should AT LEAST be in favor of the 1 police/peace officer for every school in America policy.

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United Way is giving the Sandy Hook teachers radios.

Apparently United Way thinks you should take a radio to a gun fight. I think if I were a teacher I'd rather have a gun, but its a free country.... Oops. Sorry. I forgot where I was for a minute.
OK, 1/2 brownie for Rand. This was a no brainer.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

We do not need armed police in school, everyone has the right!

Every adult has a right to provide for their own self defense and the defense of those around them.


Teachers should have the right! Any adult should have the right, especially CHL holders without question!

Screw the COPS!

This one ARMED GUARD non-sense is what created GUN FREE SCHOOL ZONES. Further, armed police at schools turns schools into PRISON facilities and does not protect everyone.

In Texas the teachers call the resident "school cop" to write their students tickets for running in the hall. Then instead of being sent to the principle the youngster is sent before a municipal judge or magistrate with all other criminals. YOU ARE IN PRISON WHEN YOU ARE IN A TEXAS SCHOOL AND EVERY OFFENSE DOOMS YOU TO MORE TIME!

Teachers and administrators need to take responsibility for protecting their students or the students need to be sent home where they can at least have a chance to be safe and learn something besides how to act in jail.

If they can't run a safe school without having cops patrolling the grounds then they should close the school down.


Thank you for your post! I

Thank you for your post! I would rather have teachers and principles carrying a weapon, but the teachers unions won't go for it. What are we to do? By simply having a police officer at every school does not automatically make every school a prison.

Don't send your kids to the government education camps. Home school your children. But for those who have no choice in the matter, I'd rather have a police officer at the school than not have one at all. There has to be some kind of compromise...if the teachers can't be armed, then the school should have at least 1 trained police officer. And who's to say that the police officer on duty would simply stand there all day? There are a lot of veterans out there who want to be teachers, have served their country honorably, went to college, know how to shoot a gun...but they can't find a job in America today.

I think every public school in America should teach young adults about guns and guns safety. If a student wants to learn how to shoot a rifle, a class should be offered for them to take.

Marksmanship 101
Gun Safety 201
History of American Firearms 301

Teachers unions should rethink their anti-gun positions....just think how many jobs would be created, and everyone would be safer for them.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.


thank You for posting this.

I agree.
Police distract students and just like in airports they are not needed.
they only present a false sense of security.
If parents are afraid of gunmen in their childs school, remove the child but dont create a police state in our schools like there is everywhere else.
students will view the police as safety and police presence could never bring 100% safety nor should they be expected to.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

"students will view the

"students will view the police as safety and police presence could never bring 100% safety nor should they be expected to."

Students will view the police as safety....

I agree. If I was 16 years old right now and all of the sudden police officer Paul Smith who was a war hero in Iraq was in the hallway every morning I walked in and he was a really cool guy that students looked up to and felt safe having him there to help protect us and teach us about guns and gun safety in classes, that would be, "FREAKING WICKED AWESOME," as my nephew would say.

I see having a trained officer/military veteran at every school in America as being a win win for both the teachers unions and the pro gun crowd.

Both sides get wealthy, the kids stay safe, and learn how to protect themselves and their loved ones.

We'll be like Switzerland in no time!

Win win, cash in, nobody can lose except a draconian government.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.