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Huffington Post: UFOs Over Michigan Baffle Multiple Eyewitnesses: Could It Be Swamp Gas? (VIDEO)

[Personally, I think this is advance military technology, such as the TR-3B.

There's no official explanation yet of what people reported in the skies over Detroit last Thursday night.

"I've been watching the airplanes tonight and it wasn't quite as high as them," eyewitness David Levy told Fox 2 News. "You could actually see the triangle shape of the object."

Levy was with a group of friends in Flat Rock around 9:30 p.m. on Jan. 10, according to Fox 2 News reporter Ron Savage. "In fact, our Fox 2 Facebook page has been blowing up with hundreds of posts on the subject," Savage reported.

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I saw a UFO once

Either a UFO from outer space, or something that was being tested in the Yukon territory of Canada.

Had stopped and rented a hotel room. Three of us traveling in two trucks from Alaska to WA. We had met some girls. One girl went with us to drive 70 miles north so she could get us some hash. On return trip, there was a roadblock, approx 6 police cars in the middle of nowhere. Same officer approached truck at roadblock that had already given me a speeding ticket earlier same night when we were driving north to get the hash. The police let us go past the roadblock with a little explaining first.

Right after leaving the roadblock, stopped to go pee. Friend and I were peeing, girl was in truck still. He and I saw something flying, or hovering a long distance off. We watched it, tring to figure out what it was and it moved towards us so fast that it scared us. We both jumped in truck without saying a word and sped home watching it. We were in the middle of the Yukon and whatever it was, moved so fast that it could move to us in a second. It was not a helicopter or airplane...don't know what it was. Maybe it was a military craft being tested. We woke our other friend when we got back and showed him too. Total of five of us saw it.

I can't wait

for the day that someone without Parkinson's disease and an Obama phone gets video of a UFO.

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

I Wish I could Seeing Something

like this first hand. I keep hearing about stuff but never get to see anything myself. No bigfoot, no TR-3B's no reptilian transformations.------Except Hillary once, when she was laughing maniacally about wanting to go to war with Iran. I think she was showing her reptilian self there. What do you think? Does that count? Anyway I would dearly love to be scared shitless by a TR-3B hovering overhead. I find Obama's executive orders more fearsome though.


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Skippy d

I live in MI and I missed it also ;( I hear ya, I would love to see some of this stuff. Oh yeah, Hillary was definitely showing her reptilian there. See, at least you got to see that.

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I t appears,it happened before

1966 swamp gas

Let it ever not be said,that I never did not do nothing for you.

yep Bob. I bet TR-3B's

yep Bob. I bet TR-3B's

We Humans are not smart enough to figure out gravity.

if we were, we would not have built the LHC.

We, us peons have no idea

We, us peons have no idea what our government has. They are so far ahead in Tech that we wouldn't believe it if we saw it.

When I was in electronics school, an instructor told me...

He used to be assigned to "high power transmitters," which the Navy used to use from transmitting long distances before the advent of satellite communications. He said, when those who parked bikes in the parking lot at the facility, they had to use chains to HOLD THEM DOWN. I watched a YouTube video in which a senior manager at Boeing explained you could coil a certain number of turns of a certain gauge wire and apply a certain level of voltage and IT WOULD FLOAT.

Google NASA and "Biefield-Brown Effect". You will find that NASA tested the "Biefield-Brown Effect," and found it did, indeed reduce the weight of an object. Some dismiss "Biefield-Brown" as the effects of an "ion wind". However, if you read extensively on Thomas Townsend Brown, you will find that Brown conducted many of his experiments in a vacuum, where ion wind should not exist. Besides, if this aircraft is operating in the atmosphere, it should not make a difference. Add to your search "lifter" and you will find videos to demonstrate real ion wind and plans for building your own lifter.

I LIKE fighting about transistors!!!!

as near as I can tell it was our last major advance. who invented it? aliens or us?
"waves" are indeed an interesting subject, I have worked on cooling units on transmitter towers. RF energy is close to microwave energy. this was on an FM transmitter that someone tried to steal the copper from.... I was told that RF energy will cook you from the inside.

I consider a "computer" to be nothing more than a configurable relay assembly, based on transistors. the transistors made a very fine substitute for relays with normally open and normally closed contact's, it was a serious bonus that there was also no coil required.

however, our best understanding of gravity is based on mass. the LHC was built to figure out what "mass" was.

I look forward to and invite your corrections to what I have stated.

Actually, our last major advance was FETs...

(Field Effect Transistors), which are voltage, rather than current driven. The voltage gain is enormous, enabling other components (resistors, coils, capacitors) to made microscopic. If it not for FETs, microcomputers that drive virtually every form of electronics would be impossible.

Whoever told you about RF "cooking you" is absolutely correct. That is the basis for microwave ovens. Navy air search radars typically have a "kill radius" of 1,000 feet. Birds that fly into the beam cook from the inside and fall from the sky. Sometimes,they explode.

While "gravity" is largely a mystery, it is inseparable from electricity and magnetism. That is why "electrogravitics" are taken seriously at noted learning institutions. Here is a list,which I have not completely vetted http://www.stealthskater.com/Documents/ElectroGravitics_01.pdf

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What do you think about this?

I watched an interview recently on PBS where they were discussing that humans are not smart enough to understand some things yet because we simply have not evolved to that need yet. They were discussing black holes, not gravity, but I thought it was an interesting premise.

As a species, have we always figured out what we needed to figure out to survive, when we needed to? We figured out the fire and shelter thing pretty quick or we would have eventually died off. We have figured out medicine as we need too, so maybe we are just not ready to figure out the black holes/gravity thing yet?

The feds

advanced surveillance system.

OK, if we are going "there"

Battle of Los Angeles.
I am 94% sure that all current "alien" sightings and encounters are part of Project Bluebeam. I give anything a 5% chance, but aliens get an extra percentage because of the Battle of Los Angeles. Anybody ever heard a reasonable explanation? I just don't buy the story that is was a "weather balloon" that the military could not shoot down in 4 hours.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Very interesting....

Thank you kindly, sir.
I love the DP.
Back to 5% for the aliens, then.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Yeah, right....

Swamp my G(ass)!

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Not Swamp Gas

Aliens. No way around it.

Swamp gas is Methane, and Methane is natural gas.

yes, the same stuff used to heat your house, cook your food and generate the lions share of our current electrical power.
it is a "fossil" fuel, meaning only derived from decayed life forms.

it is interesting to note that on one of Saturn's moons. Titan. there are oceans, lakes and it even rains the stuff.
just FYI.

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Your saying no aliens?

Knowledge is power, Action is Love.

sometimes I just toss stuff out there in the hopes of starting a flame war.... most people are seriously...lacking in knowledge about power. or energy as you might call it.


I would think it was seriously cool if it really was Aliens. but I suspect Bob-45s answer is probably closer to the truth...

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So, Bob is probably right. But I still think a lot of things in the skies are aliens. It keeps me up at night.

No, what I am saying is I believe these "Black Triangles"

are "above top secret" military technology using anti-gravity.

You apparently have not read my articles at News,etal on NAZI flying saucer technology and Nordic aliens. Here is an example.


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Thanks for the article. I am writing a paper on the Aryan race for my literature of the holocaust class, do you mind if I cite your article?

Look up the

Vril Society for your paper.

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

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Will do

Thanks for your advice Betty

Most certainly, you may cite all my articles on the subject.

If you cannot locate them at Newsetal, send me a private message and I will email you the links.

"Aryan" is not a Race dear.

where did you get that idea from?

there are only 3 "Races" a good argument could be made that there are 4.... but I do need see how it can be quantified.

If you read my article at News,etal, you will find the NAZIs...

were linked to the occult societies that believed the Aryans were descendents of an alien civilization from another star system that seeded earth and that "channelers" from these societies provided the alien technology to enable the SS to develop cutting edge technology decades ahead of any other nation.

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I havent gotten to all your articles yet

Did the Nazis think they were descendents of the annunaki? Or was that just the Egyptians?