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For you Old-Timers: Memories of WNEW Channel 5.

For you Old-Timers: Memories of WNEW Channel 5.


If you're under 40 you won't understand this and if you're over 60 you'll love it.



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Channel 5 was where tv shows went

once the main stations CBS - 2, NBC - 4, and ABC 7 canned them.
The Mother's-In-Law and Soupt Sales were 2 of my favs.
I remember when TV stations would sign off for the night and went back on at 6AM opening with the flag waving and playing the Star Spangled Banner. On Sunday the TV station (I don't remember which one) started its programming with Davey and Goliath.
Can't imagine they'd have this on regular TV anymore.

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hahaha..... I'm 49. we had

hahaha..... I'm 49. we had channel 2,4,7, and 9. we had to get up to turn the channel everytime we wanted to see what else was on. I remember watching all of those shows. Oh and we had channel 6 which was public televison with sesame street etc. wow memories. LMAO... creature features! that was my favorite. every Friday night on channel 2.

I may only be 35 and a half

doesn't mean I don't know how to hambone.

Don't feed the pandas. Ever.

God I feel old!

Mary Hartman Mary Hartman was one of my favorites - I'd forgotten about that show. Thanks!

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That was fun, thank you.

Some of my favorites but not on this video were Leave it to Beaver, Lassie, & the Lone Ranger.

No wonder

It's no wonder that society is so stupid.