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Oakland County Michigan Sheriff promises to uphold the constitution.

I recently sent the video of the Sheriff in KY that has swore not to abide by any new gun restrictions to the county Sheriff in my county. This one... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zlvy5vybXwI&feature=youtu.be

I was actually not expecting anything more than a generic response especially since there was no direct email address directly to the Sheriff, but what I got instead was actually pretty surprising. Here is what he replied.

Dear Mr. Cash,

I, like most sheriffs, take their duty to protect their county and to uphold the constitution seriously and is an integral part to what makes the office of sheriff so unique. That is part of the reason when I first became sheriff I changed everything-letterhead, cards, patches and the like- to say Sheriff's office-not department. I helped push that concept nationwide. The sheriff is not part of a department working for any other elected official. We have one boss-the people we serve as a constitutional officer. That oath will always come first.


Sheriff Michael J. Bouchard

Oakland County Sheriff’s Office

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good news.