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Reuters: Foxs News Reporter Questioned on Source for Story About James Holmes notebook

The judge ordered Winter to testify about a story published online under her byline days after a court-imposed gag order went into effect, with details on the contents of a notebook Holmes sent to University of Colorado psychiatrist Lynne Fenton.

Citing two unnamed law enforcement sources, the article said the notebook contained details of plans to commit mass murder, along with illustrations of the envisioned attack.

Fenton testified at a separate hearing that she met with Holmes at least once when he was a graduate student at the university.


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this whole

section of the narrative is meant to reinforce the belief that Holmes actually did it, which by now we all know to be completely unlikely.

Drugged up with Scolopomine and left as a patsy.

Probably exactly how they got Schwartz to jump into a noose.

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