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Lieberman Now Advising Sandy Hook School Support Fund


"At a press conference on January 18 at Edmond Town Hall, former US Senator Joe Lieberman discussed his role in advising The Sandy Hook School Support Fund, the largest of the many charities that have formed since the December 14 shootings at the school.

The fund, which is being overseen by the United Way of Western Connecticut and Newtown Savings Bank, so far has received approximately $8.5 million in donations in response to the incident in which 20 first grader students and six school staff members were murdered by a rampaging gunman."

Cozy, so very cozy. This would be the fund that is buying radios for the Sandy Hook teachers to make them feel safer.

8.5 million dollars, not counting what the parent's themselves put up. I have NEVER met a parent who asked for more than enough to bury their child, yet these wealthy, grieving parents all seemed to be ready and willing to take donations from a nation whose middle class is falling into poverty at an astonishing rate. And now Joe is in control of that money.

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8.5 million collected for Sandy Hook

It is amazing how the emphasis has been on collecting money and funds and that started even before the shooting. :(

Sandy Hook School Support Fund - United Way of Western ...
https://newtown.uwwesternct.org/ Or visit our website at: http://www.uwwesternct.org ..
11 Dec 2012 - before the shootings

Dec 7, 2012 - Donations can be mailed to Sandy Hook Support Fun, c/o Newtown Savings Bank, ... Newtown, CT 06470, by visiting https://newtown.uwwesternct.org/ or texting ..