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CNN Airs Fake Sandy Hook Helicopter Footage

UPDATE: Will mark with parentheses
(Ref the sly has brought this original footage:

The video below is a mash up of Ref's video and some other interview:)


Making this original comment erroneous)

To sit there and defend your journalistic integrity while airing MORE propaganda is just sad. Please send Cooper a quick note letting him know what you think of his "journalism."

(However, the other video bears the CNN logo and Anderson is asking the guy questions. I do wish the original links to both segments were in the youtube. If anyone has the Fu to find the other interview, I will post it also.)

EDIT: I forgot to add this link the first time, my apologies!

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It looks like 2 interviews mashed together.

It is still Cooper doing the interview and the CNN logo is on the footage.

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I'm sorry, but I don't think I can make this any clearer than what is in the original post. Who is "they"...

whatever, just go back to writing Anderson nasty messages for no reason.

Yeah, you can't possibly clear things up, only muddy them.

Find me the footage to the second interview. It is also by Anderson Cooper and also aired on CNN. Yes, the one video is misleading, but you are being misleading now, too.

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your video isn't complete


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Here is Anderson Cooper's complete broadcast.

Here is Anderson Cooper's complete broadcast.


He never aired faked Sandy Hook footage in his broadcast!

HALF the broadcast

There are 2 interviews mashed together. CNN DID air both interviews, Cooper has done more than one broadcast. Find the other interview before you declare "never."

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It covers the same part of

the monologue where this supposed helicopter footage was inserted.

Do some research! Im sure you can find another 100 videos of how this was originally aired.

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right. I ran the two side by side, and it doesn't show the aerial footage when AC is speaking.

So, the aerial footage with the CNN banner at the bottom is of what? That is NOT Sandy Hook Elementary those guys are running into. I've studied the building pretty closely.

Is the banner faked or edited in?

I'm not certain

where it came from. It looks like Virginia Tech footage to me. I really don't want to go through a bunch of footage trying to find it.

It was either,
1) stock footage used in initial reporting of Sandy Hook
2) the banner was superimposed (most likely, imo)

The narrative voice during the helicopter footage doesn't sound like anyone on CNN, imo.

Don't forget this:

Don't forget this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KhAjOr6rzxI

CNN AKA the Communist News Network are used to distorting things and lying.

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

This from the same network...

that brings you Piers Morgan...and you expected something better>?

Silence isn't always golden....sometimes it's yellow.

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I'm lost. Where is the fake

I'm lost. Where is the fake footage he aired? Someone explain it to me like I am a 2 year old.

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Watch the video, they spell it out.

They show the full length clip, and it is not Sandy Hook.

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I see it... thanks.. I need

I see it... thanks.. I need to pay closer attention and not read other websites while watching...LOL

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

I appear to be guilty of that very charge

see the new update - the whole thing is edited and I missed that.

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Anderson Cooper is such a dupe

Regardless of what really happened for him to act so incredulus that anyone would ever question the MSM just shows what a shill he is. Not only do I not believe most of what the MSM says, most of the time they report almost the exact opposite of what is true. I haven't watched TV in a long time so when it comes to the MSM all I know is what I see posted online. Anyone that turns off the tube for any length of time and then watches a blurb of "news" can easily see how its all propaganda and deception.

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I wouldn't

let him off as being "duped." I'd imagine that these front and center types are bought and paid for. Either bribed or blackmailed.

I'd personally like to see him being chased down the street by an angry mob, screaming like a little girl.

It's possible

that they do this purposefully to feed the conspiracy and keep the most active among us distracted while their operatives take our guns.

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I wish I'd seen the "fake" footage when it was broadcast on TV just to be sure, but nothing would surprise me at this point.
If we could find where that other footage came from, we could slam dunk his ass.
Reminds me of the fake broadcasts CNN claimed they were doing from Baghdad in the 90's.

It was probably a drill

Maybe one of the drills they were performing the same day down the road.

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looked like it had the local CT TV station's stamp on it, but that could be faked as well.

Certainly was strange how all of those Feds and other Waco looking types were on scene shortly after. There was only one ambulance that I saw, and one photo of a few kids moving in a line.

I'm not falling into "the whole thing was faked" camp, but it seems to have happened differently than it was reported.

"Nothing in politics happens by accident" FDR

For comparison, images of a school shooting in Brazil


And we have one photo of about a dozen kids.

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that old Sesame Street game/song?
"Which one of these doesn't look like the other?"

For real?

That is mindblowing.

Lying in the very same report in which he tries to defend his "journalistic integrity". Absolutely amazing.

When was this aired on CNN?


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I apologize

I ignored this at first, was thinking you had not even checked my links. Then someone upvoted you... OOPS! The missing link! It is in the OP now.

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The Other "Giveaway"

...is the footage of police running towards the buildings without any of their "war gear" on. Their preoccupation with "officer safety" virtually dictates that they waste valuable time during the critical eatrly moments of such emergencies to "armor up" to protect their own priveleged hides before coming to anyone's aid.

This video was edited.

This footage is not in Anderson Cooper's broadcast. This video was edited.

A local "Rescue Squad" let 5 kids drown in 20 feet of water

It was about 5 years ago, and a car full of kids on the way to school drove into an overflow pond one winter morning. It was about 40 feet across, 30 wide, and 20 deep at the deepest point. They described watching a child try to break open the back window with a Bible. And they decided it was too dangerous for them to get in the water.
The police stopped one of the mothers from getting to the scene.

My husband and I were forced to watch a rescue squad search a river for a child in the wrong spot. He was a medic from a neighboring town, and still in his uniform. We were on our way kayaking. The road was blocked, we got out and asked what was up. A kid and his grandfather tried to ford the river on a horse. They told us where the kid went under. Mark and I grabbed our boats - there was a HUGE eddy right below and we knew damn well that was where the kid was. They would not let us on the river. They would not run a human sweep through the eddy. They did call for a dive team that arrived 2 hours later and recovered the dead child from the exact spot we told them. There is a lot of well deserved respect for firefighters and EMTs, but there is room for a LOT of improvement.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.