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Maine Ron Paul Mark Willis Supporter Fears He's Being Smeared

Mark Willis says his own party's leaders are wrongly questioning his eligibility on the national committee.

By Kevin Miller

WASHINGTON – A Maine representative to the Republican National Committee is accusing national party leaders of running a smear campaign to oust him from the committee, even as he wages his own longshot bid to become the national party's next chairman.

Five months ago, Mark Willis lost his delegate seat at the Republican National Convention in Tampa because of his outspoken support for presidential candidate Ron Paul.

Now, other Republican National Committee members question whether Willis is eligible to represent Maine on the committee -- let alone run for RNC chairman -- because he was listed as Paul's running mate on Maine's official list of declared write-in candidates last November.

Failure to support the party's presidential nominee is grounds for removal from the committee under RNC rules.

But Willis said he had no hand in his name appearing as a write-in candidate for vice president -- a claim confirmed by the man who filed the original paperwork -- and Willis insisted he supported Republican nominee Mitt Romney after the convention.

Willis believes it's no coincidence that the questions were raised a week before he hopes to challenge Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus for the party's top position. Willis said he knows of two RNC members Priebus contacted about the issue.


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Does Mark have enough support

Does Mark have enough support yet for his name to placed in competition with Priebus? We only a few days...

henry9's picture

Having had the privilege of meeting Mark (though briefly)...

He is one you know in your gut immediately as honest and intends integrity.

One more state and a little discussion will be much valued in this ongoing fight for Liberty.

please take a second

to go here and make your voice heard: http://www.callcrusade.com/

Spread this Link

I'm gunna spread this around as much as I can.

Hopefully they will debate

Hopefully they will debate each other before the vote.


I'm guessing they will rally hard in future party elections.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

Thanks for a bump Smudge Pot

Enjoy your weekend!

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