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TV's Don't Brainwash People. People Do: How to make your TV a friend in the fight for liberty.

Since, to many, the television has the magical power to transmit only truth, why not use that to our advantage. Why not download, compile and burn to DVD what you believe to be are the most compelling video clips illustrating your position. But TAILOR IT to appeal to specific family members and friends. Then get off your butt. Pick up some beer/popcorn. Drive to their house. Pop it in the dvd player, and spend some much overdo quality time together. Warning: They may become so mesmerized by the magical talking box that they might forget you're there. That's ok. It's together time.

Maybe we can even work out some kind of trade system here where you give us your family members personality type and someone in turn provides the appropriate video compilation that can be downloaded from drop box or something.

For example, some are driven by religious reasons, some party, some tv personality, some issue...whatever. For each personality, there needs to be a corresponding video compilation that we all can access.


Edit: Firefox's Download Video Helper (name?) And Windows Movie Maker are pretty much all you need. They're free. And you probably already have the movie maker installed.

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There is a reason why its called the boob tube...


Get the clips off youtube or websites

TVs really are not a good thing to expose your brain to, on many levels.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Yup. that's the idea.

But now at least the tv is talking truth.

We rented a theater and showed 9-11 movies once.

It was really expensive and did not bring in that many people, but we were on a similar concept. We wanted the comfy chairs, the dim lights, the stereo sound... all the things that lull them into their usual "consumer haze" where they are usually fed propaganda. THen sneak a little truth in on 'em while their guard is down... Mwah-ha-ha...

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.


Sounds on track. Unfortunately, that requires people leave their house. Not gonna happen unless they were led to believe Brad Pitt was starring.