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AP Sources: Obama Team To Form 'Agenda Group'

By KEN THOMAS | Associated Press | Fri, January 18, 2013

WASHINGTON (AP) — In an unprecedented move, President Barack Obama's vaunted political organization is being turned into a nonprofit group — funded in part by corporate money — to mobilize support behind the president's second-term agenda.

Democratic officials familiar with the plan said Thursday the tax-exempt organization will be called Organizing for Action and seek to harness the energy of the president's re-election campaign for future legislative fights. Officials said the group will be separate from the Democratic National Committee and advocate on key policy issues such as gun control and immigration, train future leaders and devote attention to local issues around the nation.

The president's 2012 campaign manager, Jim Messina, will serve as the group's national chairman, and White House official Jon Carson is leaving the administration to become its executive director. The officials said the organization plans to accept donations from individuals and corporations — and disclose their identities — but not take money from lobbyists and political action committees, a move in line with donor rules set up for the president's Inaugural Committee. It will have offices in Washington and Chicago, the officials said.

The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the plans ahead of an announcement on Friday.

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This seems like the same

This seems like the same spit-swapping that went on between RP2008/RP2012 and C4L. Is there something more nefarious that I'm missing?

Slush funds needed to implement Marx's 10 Planks.

Notice that poverty is not one of his concerns.

His Banker buddies are destroying the middle class and increasing the ranks of the poor. Poverty is not their issue.

Free includes debt-free!


Why does this scare me so much, more than most topics?

They're Diggin In!

Don't know if that's Good or Bad?

Obama is the USA's Putin

This guy is never gonna stop campaigning. It's really disgusting to me.

It's been customary for presidents to stay in the background. This won't happen to Obama. He's gonna keep campaigning no matter who the next president is, IMO.

and the media will happily, slobberingly, lovingly and worshipfully place him on the forefront of every day's news.


He's running for a third term. Needs immigrant's votes.


Free includes debt-free!


One of the article's comments talks about how Obama may use this as a way to stay in power past 2016...wouldn't surprise me.

LOL remember when Obama was against lobbying? File that away with "you can take that to the bank!"

A signature used to be here!


Obama for SCOTUS is the nightmare. Obama for US Senate is equally scary. He'd probably be elected Majority Leader in a heartbeat and would be immediately be placed on ALL of the top committees. Either that, or he becomes our representative at the UN and votes to give up our rights and usurp our Constitution.