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You're Wrong

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You're Wrong ... For Never Questioning

And will probably never know! Awesome !!!

Love this song. Nothing like a good rant, especially when done without raising voice or losing cool.

how can one be "wrong" about Art?

do I need to quote Will Rogers for you?

I did not click on the video and won't.

Art is What makes This Right!

I can't believe you just took the CATEGORY the video was placed in and deduced to a the statement against "Art". Ha Ha ha. And at least 8 others did the same. Wow. If you would have actually watched it you would know its about hate and if you use it to justify some action, YOU Sir, ARE WRONG! But don't get me wrong, I do Agree with you in regards to the poignant Will Rogers you mentioned. What was it he said? Never miss a good chance to shut up....


This is a great song. I have been a NOFX fan since I was 13 and have never heard it.

I highly resolve a collection of all the great political Punk songs is in Order. Would anyone like to Second it?

As this is Exhibit A# (Thank You JoshMc)

Allow me to introduced to the Court Exhibit B#

Against Me -- Those Anarcho Punks Are Mysterious

There are other version out there but IMO this is the best.

Here's a Post I have created to get it going. Please vote up.


~Good Night, And Good Luck~

Its a song called You're wrong

Dude, calm down. Click the video, it's a good song.


that was genius!

Sorry for the downvotes friend..

If you play with me, others won't like it.


at the title. ;-)


Let me fix that, I was trying to make sure I got the "your, you're" thing right.