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Botched Assassination Attempt Broadcast On Live TV During Political Speech in Bulgaria

Looks like the dude tried to pull the trigger but he had left the safety on. Not sure.

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I'm not sure what this guy

I'm not sure what this guy was trying to accomplish. First, the gun was a gas pistol, which could only fire non-lethal gas pellets. Second, he doesn't even fire once he gets up there. What did he expect was going to happen next? They must not have smart criminals in Bulgaria.

looks like

an effective way to win an election.

How is this even remotely

How is this even remotely related to this site? How does its presence aid in the advancement of liberty and freedom? Or is it just meant to "entertain" those with a sick fascination with violence and death? You have YouTube for that crap.

If you want to assassinate a

If you want to assassinate a public official, I suggest you buy American.

Maybe he should have...

Maybe he should have made his hand in the shape of a gun then it would have been lethal like the ones that 6 year old children are being suspended from school.


It does not appear that it

It does not appear that it was cocked. Single-action? No round in chamber? Assassins are not known for their smarts.

Update: I am reading rumors that it was a "gas gun," which I think means it was a gas-powered pellet gun. Would have made a nasty lump on the old guy's head.

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