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Pistol Packing Preschool Teacher Personifies Personal Responsibility

In honor of "Gun Appreciation Day" I went to support my local dealer, who also happens to be a friend. It was actually just a coincidence that my order had come in and was ready on this day, but hey what the heck.

So my friend is back in his office on hold waiting for my background check to clear, and I'm at the counter talking to one of the old timers about how to refinish a wooden stock on a particular rifle. This is one of the most unique old fashioned Hardware stores in my city. They sell nails by the pound, (like they used to) hardware, firearms and ammo. It's not your average hardware store.

While we're talking, a lady comes up behind us and begins to stand there patiently waiting. If you were to judge a book by its cover, you'd have never guessed that she was packing heat. After a couple of minutes of talking and not wanting to be rude, I turned to ask if there was anything we could help her with. She kind of looked out of place there at the gun counter.

Well, apparently she was looking for ammo, and a pistol safe for her vehicle. After looking at the type of ammo she was looking for and realizing it wasn't in stock, I wrote down several places she could look for it online and made a couple of other local recommendations. We began to make small talk, and that was when she let me know she was a teacher. Not just a teacher, but one that was licensed to carry. This was quite a shock considering Austin is a pretty liberal city.

She started to loosen up a bit and began pointing out and commenting on some of my friends' controversial signs and bumper stickers that are plastered around the sales counter. She was especially tickled at the roll of toilet paper with the U.N. logo on each sheet. (my friend just has that kind of sense of humor)

As the conversation progressed, I had to sheepishly admit to her that she had confused my particular stereotype of women teachers not only being less inclined to own guns, but to carry them to work and everywhere else. She explained that I was right in most cases, but not with her.

She went on to talk about how she and 2 other male teachers were concealed permit holders, but expressed frustration for having to leave them in their vehicles locked in some sort of safe. She also expressed frustration with these "gun free zones" and how silly they are. She summed it up by saying "no one's going to get to my babies, and I'm not going to just wait around for the cops to show up either."

I wanted to high five her on the spot. It was quite shocking to hear these words come from this mild mannered, and mistakenly timid lady. If only more people understood this concept and took responsibility not just for their own safety, but the safety of others they may be responsible for, we'd most likely be dealing with less crimes of this nature.

My friend finally comes out of his office after being on hold for roughly 20 minutes with the background check folks (apparently a new store record) and begins to remove my new Rossi "Ranch Hand" 44 magnum handgun. It's a strange looking gun. It's almost like a miniaturized lever action western rifle, but is classified as a handgun that's about 2 feet long.
(Here is a picture for reference)

By this time about 5 people were gathered around the counter when he unboxed it. People began to oooh and ahh as it came out of the box, which pleased me a great deal. I couldn't resist saying, "yeah, it's for my 3 year old," which was met with a couple of gasps, and a good old belly laugh from my friend. I said "well, he's got to learn sometime," which is where my friend intervened and let everyone know that I was just pulling their leg.

All in all, it was a good day. I got to exercise an inherent right, and met some neat people in the process. Just thought I would share this tiny reinforcement of faith in humanity.

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Your second amendment right?

If anything it's your natural right protected by the second amendment.. Why is this so hard to get right, do you even realize how huge the difference is?

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I thought about that when I wrote those words. I should have known I'd better "come correct" when posting on the DP.

It is an inherent right. Limiting it to something that is granted by Govt. on a piece of paper is a dangerous way to go.
I will edit to reflect that. Thanks.

"After a couple of minutes of

"After a couple of minutes of talking and not wanting to be rude."

Too late to worry about being rude. Waiting two minutes in line for a couple of people to talk is an eternity. I would have been pissed if i was her lol.

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she was a little more patient than you and didn't shoot us....;)

I was shooting cans with BB's

I was shooting cans with BB's at age 5...and .22's around 7 or 8. My grandpa was a Marine.

Texas is a repressive gun control state contrary to pop belief

When I moved there in the early 90's the Texas Rangers and DPS told me my Indiana Concealed Handgun License was no good there and that it was illegal to carry in Texas unless traveling across 3 counties.

That has since changed, they now have CHL permits and the castle doctrine for those who want to carry in their car without a permit, but all firearms are required to be concealed unless you are one of about 10,000,000 Texas super-cops.

I like to live where a cop sees a gun and looks the other way, that is not Texas.

I came across a traffic accident in Indiana recently. One of the inured had a .40 cal openly displayed on his hip. The sheriffs deputy and paramedics that pulled up behind me went right to work on him without asking him for his permit or requesting to take his gun. The sheriff went back to his car and didn't say a thing to the man about the gun.

This is the way it should be... mutually respect where law enforcement is not automatically intimidated by citizens carrying guns openly.

If this had been Texas I can only imagine that the cops would have tackled him... that mutual respect that we have here in Indiana would not have been there... backup would have been called in and the guy might have even been taken out.


The first thing ...

The first thing that I thought of when I saw the photo was "The Rifleman" with Chuck Connors. Is there anyone here old enough to remember that?


I Remember

Lucas Mc Caine


Thanks for the story ...

And a really cool gun.

Mare's leg:

Carried by Steve McQueen in "Wanted, Dead or Alive"
Yeah, I'm old....

I love my country
I am appalled by my government

Jefferson's picture


was a little before my time. I barely remember his movies as a kid. He was the epitome of "cool" in that day, wasn't he?

"Mare's leg" refers to the buttstock right? It's a little awkward to hold. I can shoulder it, but my arms are a little too long, and the hammer is a little too close to my face. It's still a cool gun. IDK if I'll keep it though. I already have a Romanian Draco, which would be my SHTF pistol. Not exactly concealable, but nothing says "we're not interested" like a basketball sized flame coming out of the end....;)

Watch "The Great Escape" for McQueen at his coolest.

The movie is based on true historical occurrences.

Thanks for the story.

Love the Great Escape

Especially when he rides the motorcycle- and the making of the tunnel out of the prison camp.
You won't be able to breathe during these scenes. Watch it if you can. May come in handy some day.


Yeah, Steve was the man:

Mare's leg was what he called his chopped up rifle and Henry arms manufactures exact replicas. Rossi calls theirs the Ranch Hand, but it's pretty much the same thing. Henry action is allot smoother, but the action is quite different.
I have an older Rossi 38/357 that is like the old Winchester models and it is an awesome shooter. The action is a different animal and is a bit ruff but solid and never fails no matter how fast you work it.
The first time I fired it I took the top off of a two liter soda bottle at 176 yards with open sights and with out my glasses on. Everyone that has ever held it has tried to buy it from me. I think I will be burried with it.
I can't say for sure, but I think you aren't really suppose to shoulder the leg.
Just bring it up and hold steady if you can. I'm thinking, eh, hollywood takes a fair amount of dramatic license and the "good guys" never miss, while the "bad guys" couldn't hit their own ass with both hands.
I have wanted one just for posterity, but can't ever seem to justfy the expense.
Gotta love the cowboy guns though. I have tons of different ones.

I love my country
I am appalled by my government

Jefferson's picture


first lever action. The rest are semis. (and 1 bolt) I can't seem to "justify the expense" either. It seemed like a good idea at the time......8)

No, you're right in that you probably aren't supposed to shoulder it, but trying to hold it out there and then cock it while trying to maintain a sight picture feels awkward.

Thinking about just putting a couple of coats of tru-oil on the wood, which seems to desperately need it, and see if it grows on me.