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Former US Naval Law Enforcement Veteran Interview concerning Sandy Hook

I apologize if this has already been posted, but I couldn't find it here and think it's the best interview I've heard concerning Sandy Hook.

"Former US Naval Law Enforcement Veteran and US Army Infantry/Reconnaissance Military Veteran MIKE POWERS has found glaring inconsistencies regarding the Sandy Hook shooting and will be breaking it down for us. We must understand that this is the elephant in the living room and must be shared with everyone that you know. This is a CAN'T MISS SHOW and of the utmost importance that we understand what is really going on."

Please visit this link for the updated version of this video without commercials: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_AP0QDUpHFE&feature=youtube_g...

I've only listened to the original link and did so twice. Good Info, even though I skipped the commercials.

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I noticed a part repeated too

Post here if you find anything from the unedited version if you will.

I think this interview has pushed me over to the other side into believing that something is definitely amok with this shooting.

You need to hear from the the

You need to hear from the the last segment. It starts about 1:53 and runs to the end.

This interview is a big deal imho .

Tin Pan

Thanks for taking the time to switch.

I hadn't listened to the updated "no commercials" link.

Wow, at least 2 people voted this down in the last hour or so

When I checked back then, the up count was 11.

Who on DP would vote an interview like this DOWN without commenting and contributing better information?

Nobody that respects America, but only someone that seems to find time to be here on this site with an agenda against the truth. HAR!


This needs to go viral on the internet. Push this awesome interview.

Material Interview

Guest Mike Powers is a real pro and gives a meticulous presentation. Focus is on tactical operations, weapons, plausibility. Highly recommended.

Well worth listening to

Deeply disturbing.

Am 30 min into this

I'm impressed at the level of professionalism in this presentation. It's not the typical opinion based speculations I've seen elsewhere. It starts quickly into questioning whether Adam Lanza even existed at all, with no digital record of him anywhere. Quite unbelievable to say the least.

They have done a lot of work it seems,

and have gone it from angles only a professional would.

This was forwarded to me yesterday morning and I deleted it. But it was sent to me again by a person I really respect and I listened to it, and sent it to 1 other that has been studying this from a factual standpoint.

We all agree that this gets down to the KNOWN facts with good questions to answer.

Thanks for your help keeping it alive here for others to see/hear.


There is a vast amount of information in this interview.

I'm bumping this up with a selfless plug to get people to listen to it so it can be exposed to others.

I listened to it last night, and once I started I couldn't stop.

Has anyone seen evidence

connecting SH, Holmes, or the 2 girls and nanny, to LIBOR?
Something else I want to know is why this teacher wasn't given a key, regardless if she was a sub, she'd been filling in for a few months

Libirdy, I think you point out the obvious.

But don't be distracted to look at from any of those directions.

The truth shines when the BS is exposed to the light of truth.

All we can do is expose that the 'official story' is not possible, and perhaps guess why they lying. They have an agenda, be it gun confiscation or deception, or something else.

Focus on the facts. When everyone does that, the truth knits itself together.


The original youtube of the interview only has 15 K views in

three days.

This interview has so much credible information it needs to be heard by more, if for no other reason to help people not go down false rabbit holes.

I find it factual and honest about what Can be substantiated and what Can't.