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Educating people to get involved at concerts

I think my last post on here was last summer when I attended a few Phish shows, and I wore Ron Paul shirts. Needless to say, the response was overwhelming. Concerts, "jamband" concerts in particular, are a breeding ground for Americans motivated for true change. I think utilizing this scene could be greatly beneficial for the cause of Liberty. I am all for it, but my question is how to go about it. Get people registered as Libertarians? I personally don't trust the voting system. Hand out flyers? Educate people? Get people involved? Please give me some feedback. I'll be my hippie self and going to Phish shows this year, but instead of wandering around the lot talking to old friends, I'd rather be promoting the cause of Liberty.


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Youre right. Education is

Youre right. Education is the key. Changing their philosophy is the key. Campaigning for someone and even voting is a waste of time unless it is to promote Ron Paul, the gateway drug :)

Sounds like fun.

I just can't do concerts any more, unless they are outdoor. The last time I went to an arena for one, we wound up running to the top at the back and stuffing napkins in our ears, it was painfully loud. We accepted that we were officially "over the hill" in that sad hour...

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