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Headache? FDA approves new drug to make you crazy or give you a heart attack


It is not actually a new drug, it is a new delivery of an old drug. One I used to take for migraines, until a co-worker was kind enough to put the package insert in front of me. "Possible heart attack in otherwise healthy individual."

3 doctors had given me that Rx without ever advising me of that, and my father died of a heart attack. Furthermore, it is in the same family as SSRIs. In case you can't get hold of any of that tainted Tylenol, there is now another drug to fix it so you never get another headache...

"In an online communiqué, NuPathe wrote "ZECUITY, like other triptans, may be associated with a potentially life-threatening condition called serotonin syndrome, mainly when used together with certain types of antidepressants including serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) or serotonin norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRIs). Patients should tell their healthcare provider before using ZECUITY if they have heart disease or a family history of heart disease, stroke, high cholesterol or diabetes; have gone through menopause; are a smoker; have had epilepsy or seizures or if they are pregnant, nursing or thinking about becoming pregnant.""

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I've seen other interactions...

There have been other interaction warnings I've seen, many of which have to do with SSRIs. I wonder -- do they design these new drugs so that they have these interactions? And thus sell even more cures later on, while destroying the patient in the meantime?

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Cures are not profitable. Side effects are. And "undesirable side effects" are swept under the rug whenever possible during clinical trials, the patients do most of the sweeping. There is too much money involved for them to admit they are having side effects.
The entire pharmaceutical game is rigged to make people as sick as possible for as long as possible.
I used to oversee clinical trials for a very large clinic. At the time, I was "living the dream" and did my part to help bring these poor, desperate patients "one last hope" and try to find cures for blinding conditions.... It was not about the money, but hey, the money was there any way... and gee.... I'd never let it influence my ethics.... and yet somehow it did anyway.... EVERYONE makes bank, as long as no one gets sick. Patient, doctor, staff, everyone has money on the line.

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