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Put Not Your Trust In Federalized Sheriffs

"The ranks of the refuseniks will continue to expand, and they will feed gun owners a steady diet of bold talk about their willingness to interpose on behalf of their constituents if the Feds come for their guns. Some of them may be sincerely committed to do so. But until they stop actively collaborating in existing federal abuses, why should we assume they would be willing to take the side of the public against the Feds when the Regime decides to come for our guns?"


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Right! All these sheriffs

make pledges that they wont "take peoples guns". But I doubt a single one will resist when the time comes. Actually the "time" may never come. "Gun confiscation" will not happen so these sheriffs will not have to uphold their oaths. They don't now.

When they come for your guns they will not be coming "for your guns". They will be coming to arrest a "mentally ill" person who illegally owns a fire arm. Or they will be coming to arrest someone who broke some law and their firearms will merely be confiscated. Or they will come to arrest someone who is a "possible threat" to society and there firearms will be confiscated.

These things are happening right now and I haven't seen a single sheriff put their foot down. They will not send police out to "confiscate guns".

I personally believe gun confiscation is


But I do agree with you that these Sheriff's will talk the talk, but not walk the walk.

That is the point I was making

These sheriffs are ready to resist "gun confiscation" but when they come to take your guns it will not be "gun confiscation" but guns confiscated as a result of some other policing action which is what they do now.

After all...

Sheriffs are just politicians with a badge...

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!


It sort of reminds me of people on Social Security being blamed for it. They inherit a system, they got involved to try to change it but they walked into a big, fat, nasty web.
However.... "trust" is a serious thing, and I do not trust ANYONE in politics 100%. I do believe many of these men are sincere, but I am sure some of them are up for re-election or trying to make headlines bigger than the scandal they are involved in, etc.

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