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Lady Gaga to "service" the private inaugural ball.


"According to an inaugural source and The Hollywood Reporter, Lady Gaga is set to headline the private ball for President Barack Obama's campaign staffers on January 22.

But Gaga isn't the only artist offering her services to honor the president's second term kickoff."

I wonder how many of her talents Gaga will offer the president and his guests? And what do they mean by this:
"We're guessing Gaga will have something special of her own on tap for the White House little monsters contingent."

I'm so proud... An obnoxious whore helping to salute the coronation of Our King.

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See the difference

in truth and emotion. You call me an asshole because you don't like the truth that Gaga is a skank. But you don't know me so you say that from emotion. I have rightfully identified your idol for what she is. She proves it by the way she acts. It is her decision and she can be a skank if she wants. Hypocrites like you only see things through rose colored glasses.

And I loathe hypocrites.

i had to vent my own bigotry

i had to vent my own bigotry recently as well. it can't be helped sometimes. "we accept it and move on." - that french actor, from "Ronin"


Excuse my French, ...

... and speaking of decadence, appeals to ridicule are the ultimate weapon of a poseur.


Would you agree as a rhetorical ploy, it's often the last resort of the ridiculous when reasoned critical wit is unavailable?


i saw 3 clips just now from

i saw 3 clips just now from youtube, of "Ridicule." I wish youtube had the whole movie available.

Those people don't have Voltaire's compassion, he said.


"Voltaire was initiated into

"Voltaire was initiated into Freemasonry the month before his death. On 4 April 1778 Voltaire accompanied his close friend Benjamin Franklin into Loge des Neuf Soeurs in Paris, France and became an Entered Apprentice Freemason" - wikipedia

i think ben franklin could have been an illuminati satanist.
but i do need to read voltaire. there were about 30 volumes in my college library by him, in french. i should steal those books.


Voice of Enlightenment

“Reading nurtures the soul, and an enlightened friend brings it solace. ”

― Voltaire

So we cultivate and plant.


No double entendre intended...

but bump for my own headline, which I like even better now that I look at it again...

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Surreal. When does the nightmare end.

Fits right in with the three ring circus in Washington.

Somehow, this seems fitting.

Just goes to show that the US has been reduced to a sick mish-mash of pop culture trends, lies, and vapidity on every level.

I'm seriously beginning to think that's the US isn't even worth fighting for at this point. Let the Fourth Reich have it and let all the morons who bought into this bullshit all these years see what their little utopia turns into.

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