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David Gay: NYS Liberty Activist Speaks and Kills it! At NYS 2A Rally! NULLIFICATION!

NULLIFICATION!! 5k in attendance learned a new word yesterday!!


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great speech.

thanks for sharing!

FIJA. everyone needs to be aware of that organization.


This item is on the top of drudge now. Send the video

Senator Peter Schiff 2016

Brilliant! The Revolution is alive and well in NY


Right to the point. We need

Right to the point. We need more like this to be heard around the nation.


"Please don't reveal our desire to disarm citizens!"

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That was

Beautiful !!!!

"Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."
Mark Twain

Great speech and ideas but some practical problems

The part about concern for women and their rights is brilliant.

One problem is that anybody who openly expresses support for nullification under questioning during jury selection will never get on any jury. Even folks who advocate this idea during deliberation while serving on a jury may end up being removed.

BJ Bill Clinton style answers are probably required for effective jury nullification.

There is no obligation, and

There is no obligation, and no reason, to bring up the topic of nullification during jury selection. There is nothing deceitful about it. It is not your responsibility to inform the lawyers that you, unlike the rest of the potential jurors in the room, know what the jury's full and proper function is.

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Thank you.

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He needs...

He needs to be the governor of New York!



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