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Want To Stop Reince Priebus? Maine Patriots Need Your Help

Awright look. I know what it's like to go 1000 miles away from home without a pot to piss in and be working my arse off for a cause that so many of us profess to support. I lost track of all the people who helped me along the way . When I was in the US Marine Corps you had your infantry but you also had your support units. Nothing gets done without food and ammo being sent to the front lines,communications,,,etc. Ours is a cause that looks to defend and bolster individual Liberty. We are some of the most non conformist independent people on the planet. The problem with that is that the problems this country and world face cannot be solved by just you or me working alone. We need each other and we need to help each other. When others are willing to go to the front lines those of us in the rear need to support our people. This group of Maine Patriots are comprised of the same people who were so egregiously defrauded in Tampa. Now they are traveling with limited funds to fight to stop Reiince Priebus (who names their kid that it's like a star wars villain!) from getting re elected as chairman. Even if you were not in Tampa what happened to the Maine delegation should PISS you off. A Ron Paul supporter mistreated anywhere ,simply because they believe in what is right, should make Ron Paul supporters EVERYWHERE come out of the woodwork to defend your fellow patriots. Why? Because maybe next time it will be you they are coming after. Wouldn't you want people to have your back? We need one another and right now the Maine team is damn near destitute trying to travel to Charlotte NC for the RNC meeting.They have been offered next to nothing! THEY NEED OUR HELP. Quit just talking about changing this country and start actually doing it . DONATE


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You guys' faith

in elections is touching.


ron paul won 12, in a district that sits right next door to the biggest neocon cabal in the US, besides DC.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016


I sent the email to my texas state chairman,
this was the response.

I have talked to Mark on the phone and he seems like a nice young man who I share many of his concerns with. However, he did not provide me with any experience in his background that convinces me he has the experience to manage a several hundred million dollar organization. In addition a National Chair must have a track record of demonstrating he can raise enough money to run an organization. Although I have spoken out against multiple RNC practices including how the National convention did not allow dissent, nevertheless, you have to give credit to Priebus who took a n organization 26 million in the hole, paid off the debt completely and has several million in the bank account. In any event ,it is all Academic as I believe Preibus has approx 150 or more of the 168 needed. I do appreciate your concerns and I will continue to speak out. Thanks for writing.-Steve

Please write and pressure him


"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

Use this


No one came forward to challenge these rules until state committees started passing resolutions from the grassroots. Mark Willis is demonstrating leadership by stating upfront that the people at the local level who register Republican should direct the party instead of a handful of Establishment elitists trying to shove decisions from the top down,” Nalle said.

Willis holds a Doctor of Law degree from George Mason University and received his BA from California State University at Chico in International Relations. He has a Masters in Management Information Systems from Bowie State University. He was a U.S. Army counterintelligence agent in Haiti and Bosnia, a senior software engineer at the U.S. Army Security and Intelligence Command (INSCOM), and was an INSCOM liaison to the National Security Agency. He is currently Applications Security Manager for a Fortune 100 corporation and runs a family Icelandic sheep farm in a small town in Downeast Maine, where he is also a member of the local Board of Education.

The Republican Liberty Caucus is an IRS 527 volunteer organization dedicated to smaller government and individual liberty which works to achieve those goals within the Republican Party.

If you do please be polite.

If you do please be polite. He had a well thouht out response and makes a good point. If you cant demonstrate that Mark does have experience running an organization that large then you will not be able to reason with him. Otherwise I dont see why he would back off of his discision.


I agree.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016


spread the word and SPAM THE CRAP out of your RNC committee members. sign the e-petition:


I will do what I can

I am sorry I have no money but I have time and the internet. I will help spread the message. I have not worked in years and pissed about that but anyway I can also pray for everything to work out.

Duane Taylor C4L Eugene

want to help

me back up the team in charlotte?Do you have a phone with text capability and a internet connection?