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Kill Anything that Moves: The Real American War in Vietnam

As an American, this is a tough article to read.

The company stumbled upon an unarmed young boy. "Someone caught him up on a hill, and they brought him down and the lieutenant asked who wanted to kill him... " medic Jamie Henry later told army investigators. A radioman and another medic volunteered for the job. The radioman ... "kicked the boy in the stomach and the medic took him around behind a rock and I heard one magazine go off complete on automatic... "

A few days after this incident, members of that same unit brutalized an elderly man to the point of collapse and then threw him off a cliff without even knowing whether he was dead or alive...

A couple of days after that, they used an unarmed man for target practice... And less than two weeks later, members of Company B reportedly killed five unarmed women... Unit members rattled off a litany of other brutal acts committed by the company... [including] a living woman who had an ear cut off while her baby was thrown to the ground and stomped on...


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