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The new Liberty Amendment - help us debate the Amendment's text.

The Liberty Amendment Project is moving forward - our social media outreach is growing daily on Facebook and Twitter, we are representing our ideas at local Liberty group meetings and have begun making contact with state legislators in Pennsylvania (where I'm from). There has also been significant drafting work done on the wording of the Amendment. I'd like to get more folks involved in the debate - will you join us?

The Liberty Amendment's primary web site is http://www.thelibertyamendment.org, and the Forums are where the wording is being debated - http://thelibertyamendment.org/forum/.

We are serious about advancing the ides here as far as we possibly can and will move to push states to request a Constitutional Convention to consider this - if you've been looking for a cause to throw your energy into after the election we'd love to have you participate.

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